Stephen's Gear

Drums Cymbals Sticks, Pedals, Heads, Hardware

Orion Traditional Maple Transparent Black w/gold lugs

18X24" Kick

2@18X22" Kick

18X20" Kick

16X16" Floor

14X16" Tom

2@10X10" Tom

2@10X12" Tom

11X12" Tom

2@14 X 14" Floor Tom

6"X14" Black Panther Birdseye Maple Snare

5.5X13" Black Panther Birdseye Maple Snare

3.5" X13" Piccolo Snare

5.5"X14" Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (Chrome)

5.5"X14" Rogers Dynasonic Snare (Chrome over Brass)

5.5"X14" Rogers Dynasonic Snare (Blk tube lugs)

14"X14" Yamaha SFZ Corps Marching Snare

The New Drum 6-9-06

5.5" X 14" Black Panther Cherry Wood Snare Drum

6.5" X 14" Gretsch Black Brass Snare (Black w gold tube lugs)

The New Drum 12-25-08!!

6.5 X 14" Gretsch New Classic Krushed Glass Glitter owned by Vinnie Colaiuta!


20" K Custom Ride

22" A Deep Ride Heavy

20" A medium ride

14"  New Beat A Hi-Hats

2 X 13" A Custom MasterSound Hi-Hats

12"A Hi-Hats (1950s)

20" A Custom Crash

19" A Custom Crash

2@18" A Custom Fast Crash

17" A thin crash (1960s)

2@17" A Custom Crash

16" A Medium thin crash (1970s)

16" A thin crash

14" A thin crash

2 X 8" A splash

10" A splash

12" A splash

22" A Buddy Rich model Swish Knocker w/o rivets

...and a set of trashy no-name brand cymbals made in China that I bought for about $5.00


American Classic 5B Wood Tip (primary)

American Classic 55A Wood Tip (secondary)

Vic Firth Wire Brushes

Regal Tip Wire Brushes


2@ DW9002 double pedal

1@ DW9500 high hat

2@DW5002 double pedal (accelerator)

2@DW 5500 high hat

Toms--Coated Emperor (primary) or Pinstripe

Snares--Coated Ambassador batter, clear Ambassador resonant

Kick--Powerstroke 3 batter, black resonant



Mapex 950 Series hardware

Roc n Soc Thrones (hydraulic)

LP Cowbells and Percussion

Performance and Teaching Resume

A drummer since the age of 9 and playing professionally since the age of 12, Stephen grew up on the East Coast and as an Air Force "brat"  heavily influenced by jazz and big band.   Stephen’s education includes University of Arkansas Razorback Drum Line, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Educators Award.  As an experienced chart reader, Stephen is proficient in NARD and PAS rudiments and is fluent in modern chart language as well as singing lead or harmony vocals. Private instruction has been a part of his report as early as 1983 and led to a degree in education from the University of Arkansas in 1993 to compliment a history degree in 1990.

Stephen has written and published Flam Pages, a regional newsletter for drummers with an instructional insert called Ghost Notes reaching approximately 320 readers.  With over 30 years of experience in booking and marketing, Stephen brings many intangibles to his projects in selling skills, biography package design, web site design and maintenance, and relationship building with industry leaders.

Stephen has toured with rock bands in the Midwest, performed as a call drummer for the Mashburn Scholarship Concert, and performed with such notables as Bo Diddley, Jesus Garcia, The Jack Terry Big Band, Billy Rigsby, the Michael Burks Blues Band, Big Bad Bubba, The Travis Kidd Band, Trendz, and more  Travels with the Bramhall Brothers (nephews of Doyle Bramhall, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s songwriting partner) of Dallas, TX, included dates in Tulsa at JOEY’S at the KMOD Smokehouse blues show with John Henry, Blues Crossing in Ft. Worth, Springfield, MO, Lake of the Ozarks, and many others.  In the summer of 1996, Stephen’s project, The Troublemakers, a blues band, performed as Bo Diddley’s stage band, performed in local and regional venues, and was named “band to watch for 1997” by the Northwest Arkansas Times.  Stephen’s engagement with Gerry Moss and the Drive beginning in the summer of 1997 included dates in Memphis at Beale Street’s King’s Palace, Blues City, Silky O’Sullivan’s, W.C Handy’s Blues Hall, and the Peabody Hotel just to name a few.  Performances were held at the prestigious Memphis in May Festival and the Memphis New Year’s Eve Beale Street Party.  Gerry Moss was a member of B.B. King’s original and longest running house band, the Famous Unknowns

Currently and since April, 1999, Stephen has been recording and touring with regional multi-success,  Oreo Blue.  Oreo Blue is best described as a high-energy, soul-satisfying, rocking rhythm and blues.  Stephen propels this band from behind the kit while adding both harmony and lead vocal and contributing as a song writer.  Oreo Blue was named Best Blues Band at the 2000 - 2004 NAM Awards, 2005 NAMA Hall of Fame, Best Musicianship Award at the Ozark Music Awards 2004 and 2005, and continues to be the band of choice for discerning listeners in the four-state region of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Stephen has been nominated for the Ozark Music Awards Porky Hill Memorial Drummer of the Year Award in 2004 and 2005 winning the award in 2005.  With its 6th Indy CD release, Ten Down-Live at the ByPass, and new full-length DVD/CD release, The Oreo Blue Experience--A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Oreo Blue continues to garner accolades from prestigious publications such as Blues Review, Blues Access, and the Nightflying Entertainment Guide.  In 2007, Stephen added "producer" to his resume releasing the 8th independent CD by Oreo Blue titled, Oreo Blue--The Trio. Stephen also was titled, Executive Producer on the the 2012 new release by Oreo Blue titled OB20: Recycling Twenty Years of Oreo Blue.  You can learn more about Oreo Blue at

Stephen's most recent project since the fall of 2016 is called Honeyjack  Honeyjack is led by songwriter and guitarist, Mark Summerlin who spent a number of years with the artist Seal as guitarist and musical director.  Partnered with guitarist, TJ Scarlett, the duo is writing throwback-style guitar-based songs reminiscent of the 70's and 80's.  The first album "8-Track" was released in early 2017.  


Stephen’s influences are countless, however primary ones include Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, Max Roach, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gregg Bissonette, Dave Weckl, Jeff Porcaro, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, and most recently, Stanton Moore with whom Stephen has taken private lessons.


NEW--Stephen wins 2005 Ozark Music Award for Porky Hill Memorial Drummer of the Year


Stephen performs on Mapex Orion Traditional Maple drums, Vic Firth Sticks, Zildjian Cymbals and Remo heads.

For private instruction in the Northwest Arkansas Area, you may reach Stephen through this website or by e-mail at  Serious inquires only, please.

Favorite quote from our reviews: May 26th, 2003--I thought that the show was extremely well done.  In the true spirit of a tribute, your love of the music shined through without any semblance of attempting an actual recreation, like the Elvis-impersonator syndrome. Gary was fantastic -I love his solo instrumental- [Brian's] interplay was dead-on, Rod was exactly in the groove, but Stephen (it is Stephen, right?) was driving the M-F'in bus. It's a testament to a badass band when two front guys are tearing it up and I can't stop listening to the drummer's right foot. Holy s***, he was the right foot of God on that sound system, and I ain't blowin' wind up yer skirt!"--Tim Jones of Porter Entertainment, Little Rock, Arkansas


Some photos of me drumming for Rock n Roll Legend, Bo Diddley in 1996