Oreo Blue Experience

A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

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Press Release May 23, 2003

The Oreo Blue Experience / A tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Oreo Blue in conjunction with BC Promotions and Doug Haase is proud to announce the release of  "The Oreo Blue Experience / A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" in May 2003.  The "Oreo Blue Experience" is  a live double disc package that includes a full length DVD concert movie with all the extras, plus an audio CD as well!  This project is officially licensed by The Experience Hendrix LLC and $1 from each unit sold will be donated to VH1's  Save the Music Foundation in Jimi's honor.  The concert includes such classics as "Purple Haze, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Hey Joe  and Little Wing" along with some more obscure songs like "Who Knows and Them Changes" from the Band of Gypsies album.  An original solo instrumental tribute by Oreo Blue guitarist Gary Hutchison, "US"  is included along with a never before covered Hendrix song "Stratto-Strut".   This  funk instrumental song was featured on  the Jimi Hendrix 2000 release Morning Symphony Ideas.  The DVD concert has all the visual  qualities of a full blown Rock Concert with world class production.  Also, all who attended and signed the guest book are listed as co-producers in the movie credits.

"The Oreo Blue Experience" is a definite Jimi Hendrix & Oreo Blue fan pleaser capturing the raw energy a Hendrix show on tape in the unmistakable Oreo Blue style.  Hendrix fans will want to absolutely add this to their collection.  It will be available in select music stores and as always, at www.oreoblue.com .  Oreo Blue is proud to support VH1 Save the Music.

For more info please contact:

Brian Crowne / Oreo Blue
914 E. Lakeside Dr.
Fayetteville AR 72701 USA

DVD/CD Information


The Oreo Blue Experience / A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
A full length Concert DVD plus Audio CD
Produced by Brian Crowne

Oreo Blue offers this live Concert DVD/CD to pay homage to Jimi Hendrix for making such a positive impact on the music world.  We are truly fans and hope that you enjoy our interpretations of some of Jimi's songs and other songs that he made his own.  Knowing you can't improve on a legend we only celebrate his memory.  We felt Jimi was such a visual performer that a CD wouldn't be enough and a DVD & CD was only fitting. Oreo Blue will also donate a portion of the proceeds to VH1's Save the Music Foundation in Jimi's honor.

Recorded live at Dave's on Dickson in Fayetteville AR 2/22/03
Mixed by Terry Alldaffer & Brian Crowne at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville TN
Mastered by Tom Ware & Brian Crowne at Fat Rabbit Studios in Van Buren AR
Video production - Driftwood Cooperative

Video editing/DVD design & authoring - Network Video Productions in Fayetteville, AR.

Live Audio tracking by JJ Harris

Videography by Trey Marley & Crew
Set Design by Mel Wood
Lighting Design by Joe Cole
Cover art by Tony Porter
Executive Producer Doug Haase

DVD design and authoring -

       Network Video Productions

Project facilitator -

       Jim Borden


       Blair Cartright
       Josh Irwin
       Trey Marley
       Matt Wolfe
       Vinson Carter

Video editor-

       Trey Marley

DVD design and authoring -

       Network Video Productions

Projection Systems-

       Listen Laboratory

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The Oreo Blue Experience / A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix  $25.00

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Oreo Blue is...

Brian Crowne--Sax, Guitar, Vocals

Rod Williamson--Fender Bass

Gary Hutchison--Guitars, Vocals

Stephen Boudreaux--Drums, Vocals

special guest Doug Haase / Percussion on Stratto-Strut & Watchtower
special guest Chris Payton / Vocals on Little Wing


Song Selection


1.Purple Haze 3:29 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

2.Changes  4:30 writer Buddy Miles / publishing Miles Ahead Music

3.Red House 9:24 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

4.Stratto-Strut  5:46 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

5.Watchtower  10:36 writer Bob Dylan / publishing Dwarf Music

6.US 3:01 writer Gary Hutchison / publishing Burdett Music

7.Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 8:51 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

8.Who Knows 4:37 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

9.Little Wing  9:29 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

10.Third Stone 2:00 writer Jimi Hendrix/publishing Experience Hendrix LLC

11.Hey Joe 10:06 writer Billy Roberts / publishing Third Palm Music

12.Star Spangled Banner 3:58 (DVD only!)

Oreo Blue would like to thank all the fans that showed up in such mass support to help electrify this night.  All of you who signed the guest book that night will be listed in the DVD credits as co-producers, thanks.  OB would like to thank Doug Haase for making this little dream of ours a reality.  OB also thanks Dave Bass for opening up his amazing concert venue to us, and to his great sound crew Mark Obana & Rob Williams.  We thank the video and audio crew, Trey, JJ, Josh, Dwight, Vince, Blair, Mel, Joe, and our good friend Bryan Martin for all their help.  We thank God for allowing us to make music and we thank Jimi Hendrix for turning the music world upside down in such an amazing way.


What People Are Saying...

"...And Oreo Blue passes the test." Anthony Davis, The Texarkana Gazette (Full Story)


Tribute: something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection; something  that indicates the worth or virtue of the one in question.

"That Jimi Hendrix is due respect, gratitude , or affection comes as no surprise. Hendrix reinvented the electric guitar as we know it today, and there is scarcely a player who plugs a Fender Strat into a Marshall amp that doesn't owe the master a debt. To pay a musical tribute to the man, or in this case, to play a tribute to him, is a tall order- like writing a sonnet for Shakespeare. So when the veteran R&B band Oreo Blue decided to become the Oreo Blue Experience Tribute To Jimi, they approached the project with a profound appreciation for the both the technical skill and the spirit of the late, great Hendrix. The bands' desire to evoke the freedom and electricity of a Jimi Hendrix performance is attained by a rare combination of musical talent and beyond-the-boundaries risk-taking. The result is not mimicry or a paint-by-numbers greatest hits set, but a highly creative, emotional performance that embraces the familiar and the obscure, the subtlety and the bombast of The Experience."--by Tim Jones

"Great Live DVD with killer sound."
"Just recieved this new Oreo Blue Experience CD/DVD in the mail. The sound quality is amazing...crystal clear and punchy. The show was filmed nicely and features some really cool versions of Hendrix tunes done by a band in top form. Seems like the band was having a great time on stage. It has great versions of some of Hendrix's best stuff and features this great unreleased Hendrix tune called Strato Strutt...a really cool fusion type tune with some nice added percussion. The guitar and sax work is smokin' thoughout the whole set. You can either listen to the CD or play the DVD and watch the show. At any case it's definitely worth the money. It would be a great DVD to put on at a party. When I play it in the store it gets the place rockin'...play it loud!!! you'll see."--Reviewer: Steve (Two Guys Music) Rhode Island

Southwest Times Record--By Scott Smith

"One stellar area quartet will recreate some of the on-stage sparks, fire and cool vibe of one of rock’s greatest guitarists Friday in Fort Smith..."(more)

A review by J. McDonald

"You should be congratulated on your cd/DVD..."(more)

Oh My!!!

"Just finished watching the DVD... Actually watched parts of it three times.  What can I say that you haven't heard before?  It is just awesome!  Fantastic job guys. Hope you sell about ten million of them, go on tour and take your photographer with you!"--By John Blair

From http://www.bluesrockers.ws

"I played the Oreo Blue Experience DVD for my wife last night. I usually can't get her to sit through a concert DVD with me, but she stayed to watch the whole show. I also wanted to let you know that although I am a "guitar guy" in the sense that I usually choose my music based on the guitar player, you are quickly turning me into a sax guy. I am now convinced that sax rather than harp is the way to go in a blues-based band. Both you and Gary are such good musicians that I really look forward to solos from each of you.  I am almost 58 years old and have been listening to blues and blues/rock for over 40 years. This type of music is my passion. I have over 1,000 CDs in my collection (and had around 1,500 vinyl albums before they were destroyed in a flood). I am not easily impressed anymore, so that's why it's such a pleasure to come upon a group like Oreo Blue that serves to "renew the faith".  MORE!!!

Thanks again for the CD and best of luck to you and the band."--Alan L. Kaplan, Ph.D

Even Dogs Love the new Hendrix Tribute DVD

Lacy the Dog photo © John Blair


Tel Aviv, Israel ...Well, I had a feeling i'm going to enjoy Oreo Blue's Experience, but I had no idea how much I'd love it.  I've seen and heared many Hendrix tributes, but this one comes from love. The guitar-sax arrangements are fabulous, especially on little wing. The guitar playing is superb  throughout. Red House is a blues masterpiece, with licks Jimi himself would have digged. And the rythm section is solid and funky, with some of the best drum and bass lines I've heared.  The CD/DVD package is a real treat. Why have'nt I heared of OREO BLUE before?  We have a strong blues audience here. We've had visits by BB King, Buddy Guy, Hiram Bullock, Paul Rodgers, John Mayall and many others. I'll try and connect you with some promotors and clubs, maybe we'll see OB here someday. Please thank the four members of OB for their love of music, passionate playing and talented singing.
Best, Reuven Bardach  Tel Aviv, Israel