January-February, 2002

Oreo Blue is celebrating it's Tenth Anniversary!!  Come join our celebration as we also celebrate the release of Ten Down--Live at the ByPass .  In the coming weeks, we will be performing at a venue near you and will be offering the new CD, newly designed Tenth Anniversary T-Shirts, Stunning Posters designed by renown Fayetteville artist, Jeanette Sinclair, press photos, and much more.  Help us celebrate and we will help you have a great time with some high-energy, world-class, live entertainment.  See you at the show!!!

photo by John Blair

February 16th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--Returning to the venue where the new CD was recorded, the band was kept with eagerness.  Having spent so much energy the night before in Parsons, it would be a wonder if we could replicate the solidity of the music.  It seems that this weekend started out a bit slow due to the post-Valentines/Fat Tuesday expenditures.  However, as the band kicked into the first four songs off the new CD, it was apparent that the crowd would come alive.  Brian had the PA cooking like Emeril Lagasse and in-turn, the potential of our best performance gets drawn out like the flavor of a well-marinated steak.  When the engines are hitting on all cylinders, special moments fire out more frequently.  Brian breathed new life into an old favorite in Heaven's Door by plugging in a Lenny Pickens-stlye ending.  His solo on Messing with the Kid this night was truly inspiring as well.  Rod was hooking up with the funky masters on his solo section of Killing Floor and everyone got out-right stupid on the brain-dead swing tune jam that still remains nameless.  Gary once again left his old home mates awe-struck with his guitar mastery.  He has been entertaining the folks in this region for better than three decades and it is astonishing to see that the crowds still clamber for more, never grow tired, and always leave amazed.

photo by John Blair

February 15th--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, Kansas--As usual, the folks in Parsons were out en mass to greet us for our first official CD release party for Ten DownHaving one of the best sounds of the stage in recent memory, the band kicked things into high gear in anticipation of a strong stretch of parties to come.  Notable highlights included Brian's solos on Brick House and Messin' as well as Gary's showcase solos on Watchtower and his signature version of Ghost Riders in the Sky.  Gary was seen bouncing along the floor on his knees like a Buddhist Hopping Monk overcome with the possessions of the Guitar Spirits  The band introduced a new selling tool for product:  a laptop computer that showcases the new CD's video, Two Frogs Boogie as well as a Powerpoint slide presentation of some of the band's photos from New Year's Eve.  All in all, the band was groovin' and the crowd was hangin'.  We are looking forward to a busy spring schedule full of great music and great fans. (did I mention the Chicken and Friends Dinner?) 

Up next...the CD Release Parties!!!  Whooooo!!!!

The new CD Ten Down--Live at the ByPass is here!!!  Hurry and get your copy here on-line, at any one of our upcoming shows, or at fine music stores in Arkansas or Southwest Missouri.  If your favorite store doesn't carry Oreo Blue, then put in a request and have them contact us.  Don't let their problems be a problem for you.  Get your Oreo Blue and get hip! 

February 7th--Romedio's--Dardanelle, Arkansas--For such a small place, it sure packs a combination punch of great food and great music fans.  I happened to have had the barbequed beef and it was excellent.  If you are ever down Dardanelle way, you have to stop and have some of the food.  The Italian is wonderful and there is enough of an eclectic mix to satisfy every palette.  Better yet, if you can stay long enough for the shows, Romedio's is a diamond in the musical rough.  This little place brings in some top national acts and treats them well when they get there.  We are always thankful for the kind receptions at the venues where we perform and Romedio's ranks high on our appreciation list.

photo by John Blair

January 19th--The Elephant Run--Tulsa, Oklahoma--Oreo Blue has been looking for a regular room in Tulsa for years, and after this night, it may have found what it has been looking for.  Upon arrival, our first impression was, "These people are so incredibly friendly and hospitable!"  Usually when this is your first impression, you think that they must be hiding something...like maybe...well, it's hard to say, but you get suspicious.  As start time grew near, the club filled to near capacity.  Even though Oreo Blue has performed in Tulsa before, we did not expect a room of familiar faces.  This crowd was fresh, new, and hankering for some good music.  I am not certain why, but we always seem to step things up a notch when we know a crowd is hearing us for the first time.  Not because we think we have anything to prove, but maybe that we want to leave a good first impression.  It's kind of like a first date...if you like them, then you want them to call back.  Our performance was particularly strong and the feedback was equal to our efforts.  The staff at the Elephant Run had turned out to be just sincerely nice.  They weren't trying to hide anything after all.  We received an astonishingly numerous amount of compliments during and after the show that included, "We can't believe you guys are playing here!" and "This is the best band we have ever heard in this town...ever." and from the bartending staff, "We love you guys...you guys are awesome!" and from the club owner the next day, "I have never heard so many positive comments on one band in all my years in this business."  (we are still blushing).  Particularly strong performances came from most of our new selections from the upcoming Ten Down--Live at the Bypass CD, the solo sections of Messin with the Kid, Minor Blues for a Major Person, Johnny B. Goode, and all of the Delbert McClinton selections.  In any case, hopefully we have found a new home in Tulsa in the Elephant Run.    

January 18th--Lisa's Clubhouse--Rogers, Arkansas--The first show for Oreo Blue since the New Year's show didn't come soon enough.  After taking a couple of weeks off, I think the band was raring to go.  A couple of glitches in the system found us booked with another local group, The Big Harry Band.  With snow falling and the roads icing over, a smallish crowd was expected.  However, the local folks turned out well to see two bands for the price of one.  The night went well and the crowd was extremely appreciative.

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