January-February, 2005


Photo by LD Churchill

February 22--Home--OK...the LD Churchill photos came in this weekend.  Check out the photos pages (3 of them!) for highlights.  I didn't post all 1000 pics, but pulled about 10% to show.  If you took all 1000 photos...it's almost like having video of the whole show.  Not a moment lost.  Thanks, LD.  (and, yes, the ones of me singing out front made the cut...just because I need a little humiliation...)

Photo by LD Churchill

February 18-19th--Quapaw Casino--Miami, OK--OK, "casino"...this isn't Las Vegas for certain, but once inside, it has all the same trappings.  We were set up in a separate room (club) from the gaming and were set to rock the gamblers into the wee hours.  I have never understood why a casino would hire a band like us.  We a are high-energy, rockin' band that engages the listener.  Casinos, on the other hand, like to keep the gamblers focused on the gaming and not be distracted by a live act.  So, being way too loud for this setting, we stripped things down by night two and performed as acoustically as possible.  It was fun among us, but we understood that very few people in the club could actually hear us over talking.  Yes...it's true.  Oreo Blue was quiet...  Thanks to Lou Davidson for sending us photos of the event. 

Photo by Lou Davidson


February 8th--Phat Tuesday, George's Majestic--Fayetteville, AR--Just another party?  Well...it is Mardi Gras...Along with Joe Giles and his band, we slew the revelers.  Made for a sleepy Wednesday work morning, but I am sure it was worth it.

Earl Cate, Ron Eoff, and Gary

photo by Stephen Boudreaux

February 4-5th--Gary's Third Annual 50th Birthday Bash--Featuring The Cate Brothers, Nace Brothers, and Oreo Blue--Joplin, MO (the KP) and Fayetteville, AR (George's Majestic Lounge)--OH, Man!!!  I just love when this weekend comes around.  First of all, it's Gary's birthday and he is such a great human, and friend and it so much fun just to hang with him and watch him in pure nirvana when the spotlight shines in his direction for, say, a week straight.  He deserves it.  I know (if anyone reads this) that you have heard me ramble on about how much we enjoy and appreciate the Nace Brothers and the Cate Brothers.  Our music community is strong and those two bands are a primary reason why.  The Nace's hail from KC, but they might as well be home-boys.  Everyone knows the Cates, but the Nace's are by far one of our favorite bands...ever.  Great people and always a great time to share the stage with them.  Both shows were packed wall-to-wall with appreciative and fun-loving crowds.  There in Gary's honor, but there to be honored with one of the best musical experiences one could have all year long.  Man...what a show!  I got to sing Soul Man up front during the big jam and had 12 of the best musicians in the WORLD backing me for about 5 minutes.  What a thrill.  I now know what a singing Ringo Starr must have been feeling for a moment having John, Paul, and George backing  him.  I took lots of  pictures, so look for them in the photo gallery.  Here's a few...

TJ on Keys

Gary and Jimmy Nace

Mickey Eoff of the Cates

Gary, Earl Cate, Jimmy Nace

Tim and David Nace

Tim from the Nace Brothers Band





photos by Stephen Boudreaux


February 3rd--The Blues Jam @ George's--Fayetteville, AR--Gary and I invited Rod to come help us host the jam tonight.  Man...what a bass player!  I think that we often take him for granted when we get to ride his masterful playing every day, but when you juxtapose the little fella up against all comers, he really shows his mettle.  I would dare say that Rod locks things down as well as any bass man in the industry.  And he certainly has no equal in our neck of the woods. 

This night also saw about 10 drummers come out to the jam.  This meant that I got to play, like, 3 songs.  But that's ok.  It gives me a chance to watch Rod man-handle those boys..."the one is right here, dammit!  If you can't feel it, get off my stage!" he might say under his breath.  We had Adrian Bolton come down from Sigler's.  And a new guy, Michael Allen sat in.  This guy is a great player.  Keep your eyes out for this cat.  He's smooth.  Right now, playing with the likes of Jennifer B, Sonhound, and others. www.michaelallendrums.com.


February 2nd--Subiaco Academy--Subiaco, AR--We performed a special concert for the students, family, and friends at the SA.  The concert was in their rather nice auditorium that seemed packed.  No dance floor, just theater seating.  This group of students seemed more apt to hearing a pipe organ or string quartet for their musical selections, but we rocked them right out of the gates.  We did some Hendrix covers interspersed with a number of our original selections and the audience was as appreciative as I can recall.  We certainly hope they will invite us back next year.  It was a great crowd.

The below two photos are from our tailgate party for the Pittsburg State Gorillas football team at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  Submitted by Ed Wirthwein.  Thanks, Ed.



January 14th--J. Michaels--Fort Smith, AR--This place is tiny...Probably the world's smallest and most awkward stage.  But it has a lot of heart.  Jim McCoy has really done his homework and is getting the place ready for live music.  It has always been a mystery why Fort Smith fails to produce a quality cold-weather music venue, but maybe Jim has something going.  Good things come in small packages, they say.  Thanks, too, to LD Churchill for snapping like, over 1000 photos of the band in less than three hours.  Whew!  I got to preview a few of them and if they ever see daylight...it will be cool.  (I don't think we will be showing anyone the pictures of me out from behind the drumkit trying to be Mick Jagger)


January 1st--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, AR--The Gary Hutchison Trifecta started off the new year with the first gig.  Gary and I welcomed Gary's old friend, Carl from Nixa, Missouri down to play bass guitar while Rod Williamson celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary.  (Happy Anniversary to Rod and Andra from everyone in the band).  Carl did a fabulous job filling in and was a joy to have on stage.  Carl is a genuinely nice guy and a very knowledgeable bass player.  Chris Payton and her husband, Tommy, came to the show as well.  Chris did a few numbers with us again.  Always a pleasure to have the best female vocalist in Arkansas on stage with us that often.  Look for more Trifecta shows in the future.  Happy New Year, all.


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