July-August, 2002


August 31st--Two Frogs Grill--Ardmore, Oklahoma--We might have to start another website to hold all the wonderful things we could say about Aubry & Angela Harris and their club Two Frogs in Ardmore OK.  For many years now we have been honored to have a great fan base in between OKC and Dallas, TX in this town of thirty-something thousand people.  Many of them have become friends and not just fans or patrons.  Couple this with the world class food and atmosphere of Two Frogs and we actually look forward to a six hour drive from home to make this show.  We appreciate the respect Oreo Blue is treated with in Ardmore and will always deliver 110% on stage.  This being said if you missed the show last Saturday might kick yourself.  We pulled out all the stops for Aubry and the crew.  The lights, the fog, the dueling drill and chainsaw routine and Gary's tribute to Jimi Hendrix by humping, burning and destroying a guitar for the people.  It was definitely over the top and that's what we wanted to our friends and fans in Ardmore.  We hope to see you all with friends at our next show.

Tyson Harris Rockin' the House

A special thanks for Aubry and Angela for their wonderful hospitality at the club and for inviting us into their amazing new home.  It made the trip even cooler...if that is possible.--Brian Crowne

August 30th--The Blues Saloon-- OKC, Oklahoma--When you think of Blues Bars I bet you would be thinking of The Blues Saloon in OKC.  Smokey, a little rough in appearance with lots of character and attitude.  Taking the stage at the Blues Saloon with Oreo is a blast because we know we can play the blues with no compromise and the crowd will rock.  We have only played the Saloon a handful of times over the last four years, but every show has been awesome.  Stacy the resident house drummer and soundman always dials it in right and we're off to wherever we want to go musically.  Of course it is always good to see our good friend Martin Herlocher and whatever posse he might bring out with him.  We look forward to many more fun filled shows at the Saloon in the future.--Brian Crowne

August 29th--Ginger's Chasers--Ft. Smith, Arkansas--Oreo Blue's debut at this new club in Gary and Rod's hometown went mostly unnoticed by the hometown folks.  Not to worry.  Those who did notice were pleasantly surprised as the band stepped up in its fashion to rock the smallest crowd in the biggest way.  OB looks forward to its next engagement at Chasers as the first proved a great time.


August 23rd--Jose's Streetside--Fayetteville, Arkansas--

Joseís is one of our favorite places to partake to fine Mexican Quisine and the Streetside Patio has turned into a consistently fun little gig for Oreo.  The patio isnít very large, seats about 125, but it is open to the legendary Dickson St. here in our home of Fayetteville.  Dickson St. could be compared to a small Burton St. or Beale St. for its bars, restaurants and live music.  The staff at Joseís is nothing short of exceptional from the Mr. Joe Fennel on down to the dishwashers.  They run a tight ship that treats everyone with favor and it shows why theyíre one of the most successful establishments in Northwest Arkansas after 23 years... I think Stephen and I lost a few pounds during the sweltering setup, but it was all worth it once the show started.  We had the privilege of bringing many new fans into the fold of Oreo Blue and thatís always amazing after ten years.  Itís also amazing and fun to me that no matter how large or small the show, my guys in Oreo Blue put on a show like itís for 100,000 screaming fans.  Night-in and night-out Oreo finds the gas to deliver high-octane grooves that canít help but infect the most stubborn listener.  See you all soon.--Brian Crowne


August 17th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--It wasn't as hot as usual on the patio in August.  That made for a pleasant night for both the fans and the band.  Brian stole the show on Stormy Monday Blues while Gary continued to amaze the home folks with his usual antics and mesmerizing licks.  

photo by © John Blair

The Crowd at the ByPass Patio


August 11th--Battle of the Sexes--Neosho Bowl--Neosho, Missouri--Well, the champ has been unseated.  In the annual Oreo Blue bowl-off, I had won the past two years, but this year I was off my form.  Brian had obviously been practicing in the off season and came away with a victory bowling a 146 or something.  I came from behind with about 20 pins less, but still managed second place with Rod and Gary bringing up the rear.  If you have never seen Gary bowl, then I recommend it.  Quite the form, I must say.  Thanks to our great friends from Neosho for allowing us to partake in your annual party.  It is always a blast.  The food is great, the bowling is a hoot, but best of all, you folks are appreciative and supportive of Oreo Blue like no other, and we thank you.  And Brian doesn't need to get too attached to his title...I'll be back.

photo by © John Blair

August 10th--Ugly's--Grand Lake, Oklahoma--It had been some while since Oreo Blue had played Ugly's.  It is a cool deck club right on the lake.  The crowd was especially nice and spurned on the band to a few rousing climaxes.  This crowd was particularly fond of the classics, but got hip with some Oreo Blue along the way.  It was nice to have some friends and family make the trip.  A funny moment came when a baby skunk decided to mosey around the stairwell leading to the only bathrooms.  If you like big, fancy, expensive boats, then head on over to Ugly's.  They have a whole fleet of 'em over there.  


August 9th--The Kitchen Pass--Neosho, Missouri--Much has been said about the great Pawlus brothers and their wonderful restaurants.  If you want embellishments about the food, please consult this newsletter over the past three years.  The band was zoning tonight.  Sometimes we just get that way.  As a matter of fact, over the last 8 months or so, it has been a regular event.  Sometimes, the time off gets you anxious and the juices get flowing.  Some hot tunes tonight were Rock Me Baby, Red House, and Sweet Little Angel.  One particular moment on the first note of Two Frogs Boogie, I snapped the steel shaft of my bass drum beater clean in half!  I had to play the rest of the song with my left foot pedal.  What a challenge!  We don't hold back, folks and sometimes stuff breaks along the way...

photo by Cherie Boudreaux

August 8th--Gully Park Summer Concert Series--Fayetteville, Arkansas--In its third year straight, Oreo Blue was selected to close out this summer's series.  This was by far the best year for the band and its audience as the weather was fantastic and the band was performing as strong as ever.  Many familiar faces were abound as were many new unfamiliar faces.  Admittedly, after being off for three weeks, the muscles were a little sore, but it was great to be back and it was great to be treated to such a wonderful crowd.  Oreo Blue would like to thank the organizers of the event for having us around for a third year.  We look forward to the series next year.  Thanks as well to the folks from Zub who gave us some samples of their simple, yet unique headwear.  Check them out at www.zubwear.com.  

photo by Cherie Boudreaux


Special--July 19th--Home--Brian gets hitched...finally!--We are all looking forward to the year's greatest celebration and, well...the end of an era (so I am told).  The lovely Day Yazzetti has tamed what couldn't be tamed, has lassoed what couldn't be kept, and has fenced-in a wide-open prairie.  Oreo Blue will be taking some time off to allow Day and Brian to celebrate their union and we will see you all back on the road in August.


July 18th--Home--


Norway is on board with Oreo Blue!!!

Radio Thorshammer likes a little Oreo Blue and wants to play our songs on Norwegian Radio...cool!  I mean literally, too!  Thanks to Eivind Henriksen...


July 17th--Hardscrabble Country Club--Chuck Fawcett 50th Birthday Celebration--Happy Half-Century, Chuck.  What a great party.  You should celebrate the kinship you share with so many great folks.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it.


July 15th--Hardscrabble Country Club Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours--The Buy.com Classic--Rocking show.  Good eats.  Lots of business folks.  Golfers.  Drinks.  Dancing.  And in some cases, a combination of these things.  I'll let you use your imagination.  Highlights were many as usual, but lately my favorite re-addition to our set is What You Think About Me from the Live-In Demand double CD.  Nice, smooth, and cool.


July 12-13th--The Bayou Club--Rogers, Arkansas--About three months ago, there was a news article in our local paper that addressed the possibilities of extending the restaurant smoking ban to nightclubs.  For some reason popular outcries will most likely keep that from happening, but when I am in my grave from second-hand smoke maybe my heirs will have proof.  Well, my love for performing continues to outweigh my health concerns. (hack!)  On to the show...

Believe it or not, Oreo Blue continues to improve.  You know, if we keep working at it, maybe we will get this thing down.  Maybe since Brian is getting married this Saturday, he is trying to get his fill of music before the honeymoon.  I am not sure, but it sure seems that the band is trying to prove a point.  Oreo Blue is the hardest working band in its market.  Period.  On Saturday, Gary was unable to make the show and our good friend, Russ Hutchison (no relation?), from Joe Giles and the Homewreckers joined us on stage.  What a blast!  Nice to mix it up every now and then.  Russ led us through some fun classics and picked up quickly on some of our standards.  My favorite of the night was Little Sister.    

photo by ©Larry "LD" Churchill

July 5-6th--The Rib Room--Ft. Smith, Arkansas--Uh...did I mention that it's HOT in the River Valley in July?  Geez...At least the Rib Room had installed a misting system to cool things down a bit.  First and foremost, I have to rave on the barbeque at the Rib Room.  Brian says, "Don't tell Bill, but I would play here for the food."  I echo his sentiment and add that it is an Oreo Blue consensus that the Rib Room has the best barbecue on either side of the Mississippi AND the Arkansas Rivers.  As for the show...the crowd here is always appreciative whether they be long-time OB fans or virgin listeners.   There was a group of our fans (friends) that converged on Ft. Smith from Pine Bluff, Hot Springs, Little Rock, and elsewhere, bought a hotel room, and spent the whole weekend watching our shows and listening to our CDs until the wee hours.  True fans...and we thank them for their loyalty.  A new, younger, fan caught our fancy this weekend as well.  Little 9-year-old Gari Jane enjoyed the show and practiced her dance steps to a little funky OB.  You see, Gari Jane is destined to be a star performer herself.  You heard it here first.  Just wait about 10 years or so...

We might have found ourselves a parallel to our Authorized Midwest Photographer, John Blair, down here in the River Valley.  Seems Larry "LD" Churchill has an eye for still photos himself.  We would like to thank LD for hanging out at our shows (braving both the heat and the volume for two straight days).  His work can be seen at his site and here in the near future on our photos pages. 

p.s.  Some excellent music was performed this weekend as well.  We were joined on stage by a guy named Scott who threw down on some AC/DC and some Led Zeppelin.  And I have forgotten the trumpet player's name, but LD got some nice pics of him on Ain't No Sunshine.  Brian's performance on Stormy Monday made the sweltering heat turn to a Hellacious boil...

photo by ©Larry "LD" Churchill


July 4th--Powerhouse Seafood Party on the Patio--Fayetteville, Arkansas--The heat just keeps on coming with no end in sight!  This Independence Day was destined to be especially reflective and quite possibly somber after last year's tragedy.  In any event, Patriotism is at an all-time high and Oreo Blue was ready to deliver our best for those celebrating the holiday.  The crowd was sun-baked but cheery as we sweltered through our long sets.  As expected, the crowd stood and cheered as Gary delivered a powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner Jimi Hendrix...er....Gary Hutchison style. 


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