July-August, 2004


August 27th--Home--If anyone out there is looking for an inexpensive (FREE) sporting event on a Sunday afternoon, come out and watch a baseball-playing drummer.  I am the president of the Northwest Arkansas chapter of the Men's Senior/Adult Baseball League (NWAMSBL) and we are looking for a few good fans.  We play Major League style baseball on weekends at parks throughout Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.  Check our schedules and get more information at www.nwamsbl.com.  You can see my team and me at www.nwasox.com


August 21st--The Beach Club--Mountain Home, Arkansas--Mountain Home is a long way from anywhere and I am sure the worst was expected.  Long drive, being tired, the food (?), nobody knowing we were coming...  Well, turns out that the drive was not that bad (to), and we seemed to be pretty energetic, the food was excellent (Iowa Pork Chops), and the crowd was pretty good.  Such an odd format for a club with the band in a metal shack down the hill while a DJ dance club is up the hill separated by a restaurant and a sand volleyball pit.  All right here in hillbilly country.  Whodathunk?  Anyway, it's a nice place with a Chicago vibe (among other things) and the food was really pretty good.


August 20th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--One of our longest standing venues over the years, the ByPass never disappoints with regard to folks rolling out to revel.  There are always a few Southwest Missourians that have some sort of history with Gary, too.  Gary is a legend in these parts and if Frank and Jesse James were to come back from the dead, they probably would tell us that they ran into Gary one night in some bar after a heist.  That they had a few shots and a good laugh before Gary had to go back to the stage and the brothers had to move on to the next town.  Heck, Gary may even be related.  Most certainly, in a revisionist sort of way, those James boys never heard a better guitar player in all their travels...


August 10th--Tontitown Grape Festival--Tontitown, Arkansas-- This timeless festival of the grapes has finally made it onto the Oreo Blue tour list.  This is a nice four-day event that celebrates the great grape-growing heritage of this Italian settlement.  What gives it its appeal is the famous spaghetti dinner and the grape-flavored ice cream.  I have seen lines an hour long for the spaghetti dinners which lineate from the immigrant family recipes like Pianalto, Pozza, Mamma Z, Maestris, etc.  The event is nice.  John Anderson was on sound and a had things rockin...

If anyone reading took photos of any shows over the past few months...our supply is needing to be upgraded.


August 8th--Annual Bowling Party (Battle of the Sexes)--Edgewood Bowl, Noesho, Missouri--OK.  I admit it.  I stink at bowling and never should have claimed I would regain my title.  Brian has apparently bowled MANY more times than I ever care to and he whipped me like a stepchild not once...but twice.  Bowling is not a sport.  It's an activity that is juxtaposed to smoking and alcohol.  I am good at sports.  I stink at bowling...  Congratulations to Brian for being the best bowler that Oreo Blue has to offer. 

Other than that, Dennis and Paula put on a great party and they have the coolest bowling outfit around.  If you want to go bowl a few games, head on up to Neosho and those folks will treat you like kings and queens.  As it should be.  Just don't ask me to be on your team...I stink at bowling.  At least until next year...


August 7th--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, Kansas--Day three of the whirlwind tour... We always have a great show at the KP and tonight was no different.  The band was driving like a borrowed hot-rod on a flat Kansas back road.  Gary--feeling sprite...er...the fire-water--electrified the crowd with the blistering solo work that the KP crowd has come to expect.  What they were not entirely ready for was the onslaught of one-liners that kept them (and his bandmates) in stitches.  Tonight, we brought back the Kitchen Pass Song.  Having dusted it off the previous two nights, it went by fairly smooth.  I think we'll keep it.  We might have to change a few names to accommodate the turnover, but it is a good, jumpin' little tune that might find its way onto the next Oreo Blue release later this fall.


August 6th--Georges Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, Arkansas-- Day two of our four day run.  Home base is George's as you all know.  Tonight, we played only the happy hour set as Brian and I were to perform inside later with AAB.  Happy Hour is a very unique setting.  The folks start piling into the garden around 5:15 or so and absolutely pack the place initially for the attractive discounts on adult beverages.  What they ultimately find is a great atmosphere and a hot band to kick em in the fanny.  The band was playing tight tonight on borrowed gear from the night liners, Jason Boland and the Stragglers.  A very cool countryesque band from Stillwater, OK. 


August 5th--Summer Concert Series Finale--Gully Park--Fayetteville, Arkansas--The weather could not have been more perfect for this event.  A gentle cool breeze and blue skies.  There were literally thousands of folks out to listen and by all accounts, the show was an enormous success.  Thanks to the Fayetteville P & R, JTH sound, Eureka Pizza (for feeding us), all those wonderful kids that storm the stage, and many others for not only supporting Oreo Blue, but for supporting such a cool outdoor family event.  See you next year.... 


July 27th--Jose's Steetside--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Jose's has been one of my personal favorite restaurants for going on 18 years now.  The food is uniquely great and the people are great fun.  We had a rocking time performing and were egged-on to keep going well past quittin' time.  Ole' for Jose's!


July 25th--Party on the Patio--Powerhouse Seafood--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Despite some damp and cool weather in July, there was a nice crowd.  Having pulled in from the long trip to Jackson, Z and Roger from George's Majestic Lounge sound crew were kind enough to set up PA and run it for us.  It was well worth it.  BTW, the chicken strips and fries rule...


July 24th--Rhythm & Brews--Jackson, Mississippi--Sometimes it feels like it is a shame to travel so far to be appreciated so much.  Maybe the folks in our hometown area just take things for granted or have that many options.  However, when we traveled to Jackson, MS for our one night concert at Rhythm & Brews, we were again treated like kings.  When we pulled up after the 8 hour drive, there were a dozen or so hands there ready to unload our gear for us.  After setup, we were escorted down the way to personalized rib eye dinners fit for Vikings.  I mean, 20oz cuts of perfection with grilled butter onions, salad...yummy.  We then waddled down the road to our hotel rooms and there inside each lay a silver platter (literally) topped with bon-bons, Oreo cookies, and a few adult beverage selections in the brand preferred by my band mates.  Then...we performed that evening to a slew of standing ovations and wild cheers.  It's nice to be appreciated.  And...we appreciate those folks there in Jackson, too.  Lewis, Beth, and all the regulars. 


July 17th--The Rib Room--Fort Smith, Arkansas--It had been since last summer since we had played at the Rib Room and boy was it a long absence.  Bill Numeir's BBQ is the best in the land, hands down.  And his wait staff is top-notch.  It was a packed house tonight and everyone had a grooving time.  The band was on fire proving to itself that the editor of the NWA Times was all wrong about Oreo Blue not representing the best Dickson Street had to offer.  He should come out and actually attend a show and see what he is missing.  (off soapbox).  When we play Fort Smith, there are always familiar faces in the crowd.  Tonight was no different.  EW helped with loading gear, Diana drove down from Fayetteville, and dozens of familiar revelers occupied the front rows.  Too bad the Rib Room is seasonal...sure would be nice to have a year-round gig in the River Valley... 


Oreo with David Snell (right) on Bass

Photo by Glenn Davis

July 4th--Drake Field--Fayetteville, Arkansas--It is always a great time to spend Independence Day with family, friends, a great live band, great food, and a cool fireworks display.  After the NWA Mall decided to discontinue its long running fireworks show on the 4th, my father, Ray Boudreaux, director of Drake Field arranged to have the show at his airport.  It was the perfect venue for this sort of event.  He was kind enough to invite the band to entertain the crowd prior to the display.  Rod could not attend as his son was featured in the FS Symphony extravaganza tonight.  David Snell from the TJ Scarlett and Amanda Adams Bands filled in for us.  He did a fabulous job and was a great help in the load-in/load-out portion.  The fireworks were great.  It was both awesome and disappointing that so many cars were lined up along HWY 71 like a scene from Field of Dreams.  So many people wanting to attend, but waiting too late to funnel into the airfield.  Maybe next year, they can start arriving a little earlier.  No matter...we had well over 2,000 people in the complex by show start and probably 3,500 by its end.  Another 5,000 were probably still in line along the roadsides...  Pretty cool.


Stephen and David Snell on Bass.

Photo by Glenn Davis

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