July-August, 2005


August 30th--Jose's Streetside--Fayetteville, AR--This was supposed to be a duo gig with Brian and Gary, then it was Oreo Blue, and then when Brian had something come up, it became the Gary Hutchison Trifecta.  Nevertheless, we had a rocking time on the street at Jose's.  Still one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world, Neal and the crew there do it right.  The salsa and queso cannot be beat at Jose's.  Saw a ton of familiar faces there as usual.  Too many to list, but it's nice to play for them under a different auspice. 


August 27th--Cheeseburger in Paradise--Kansas City, KS--Back to the smallest stage in the country and the best cheeseburgers and fries in the land.  It is actually a ton of fun playing CIP despite the small stage.  The people are cool and the food is great.  Thanks to Patty and her friend for venturing out to see the band for the first time.  I think we are developing a small following up there.  If gas prices would ever come back down, it might be worth the trip more often.  It costs us over $150.00 in gas just to get up there and back!  Whew...

August 12-13th--Hog's Pizza--Hot Springs, AR--We have decided that Hog's Pizza is our favorite place in the Spa City.  So hard to overcome the coolness of the old Ohio Club, but they are giving it a good shot there at Hog's Pizza.  After the Ohio Club burned/melted/crashed to the ground, we had no cause to venture back to Hot Springs except for the occasional private party or festival.  Having a cool club venue in town makes it much better.  Keep your eyes peeled for a return date to HP this fall. 


August 9th--Home--Been busy.  Sorry.  Here's what we missed:  The Gully Park Summer Concert Series was a huge success for Oreo Blue again.  With a huge crowd and superb (little hot) weather.  We rocked the park and had the kids hopping' in the pit, dancing' and having a great time.  On the 23rd of July, we played a great party for the Gibson Foundation at the Town Center.  It was a great production.  I think they auctioned off a guitar donated by Joe Walsh and signed by the Eagles for over $10K.  My family and I took a vacation to Destin, FL, and had a great time.  Thanks to the band for letting me take some needed time off...here are a  few pictures:


...while I was away, the band performed at Doe's Eat Place in Ft. Smith and Chelsea's in Eureka Springs.  My good friend, Michael Allen, a drummer from the Austin, TX area filled in for me and reportedly had a great time.  When I got back, it was the four-day run starting at the Fort Smith Parks Concert at the Riverfront Amphitheater.  The weather was great if not a bit humid.  The crowd was small, but appreciative.  I think the thought of rain held them off, but they missed a great setting and a good time.  The Parks folks took great care of the band and we appreciate them greatly.  Next, it was on to the Kitchen Pass in Parsons, KS.  We always have a great show there as you know, but it was especially fun this time around.  The reason is probably like a watermelon seed under a thumb, but it was fun nonetheless.  We had a new waitress, Nicole, who was extremely cool.  Chris did his now famous routine dancing to Kriss Kross and doing the worm, sprinkler head, lawn mower, weed eater, shopping cart, etc...Ken was his usual self, and all the other regulars rolled out as usual:  DJ Darwin, Cowboy Steve, Pawlus, the teacher, etc.  Good times.  Next up was the new Jones Center for Families Summer Concert in Springdale.  We got all set up and the Lord unleashed those great big rain drops that are capable of bruising your forehead if you happen to look skyward.  We scrapped the setup and took it indoors.  The crowd was probably relieved to take advantage of the air-conditioning.  We had a great long two sets and made some new fans.  The staff and crew at the Jones Center were expertly accommodating.  Thanks to them for treating us like stars.  Now...it was Sunday and time for the annual Edgewood Bowl Battle of the Sexes in Neosho, MO, and more importantly, the gig where Oreo Blue sets up on lane one and bowls on lane two.  Brian is clearly the only qualified bowler in the band as he takes his third title in as many years rolling a 126.  I was second banana again with a 116 or something and Rod third with Ben and Gary bringing up the rear.  Fun times for all...



July 16th--Private Party at Rob Williams' home in Gainesville Texas--Rob has been following Oreo Blue for years showing up at shows hundreds of miles from his home. Always a pleasant suprise to look out and see him in the audience. I'm like, man, I can't believe you drove this far to see us perform. Flattering would be an understatement. Rob, thank you so much for enjoying our music, and it was indeed a pleasure to come and perform for you and your close friends last Saturday night. A unique and amazing place you have, and we will look forward to seeing you again soon. Also, thanks to all the great folks you invited, super, super people.--Brian Crowne


July 16-17--Home--I played hooky this weekend from the drum chair duties to put on a baseball tournament for Champions for Kids Charity.  My team, the Lowell White Sox (www.nwasox.com), won the championship trophy going undefeated in four games in two days.  Thanks, band and Rob, for giving me the weekend off to play a little ball...


photos by Katherine Fillbeck

July 8-9th--Hawgs Pizza--Hot Springs, Arkansas--Brian had something come up and we decided we needed to go ahead as the power trio.  At the last moment, though, Gary invited along Jody Nally to join us on rhythm guitar and vocals.  Jody spiced things up with her renditions of Chain of Fools, Ain't Know Sunshine, and others.  Best of all, the crafty dialogue to and from the spa city was memorable.  Jody is Gary's # 3, so things were interesting to say the least, but she is good people, so all was well.  As for Hawgs Pizza, the place is really quite cool.  The room was lively and the staff was great.  The food was excellent.  Pizza the first night and chicken parmesan the second (highly recommended).  We spent Saturday afternoon shopping at the mall like little grannies and watched Dark Water (Jennifer Connelly) at the movie house.  Life on the road with a rock and roll band just ain't what it used to be.  Well...maybe we were just playing it soft with the chick on board.  ...and I knew where the mall was the whole time.


July 4th--Independence Day Celebration @ Baum Stadium--Fayetteviile, Arkansas--What a great evening to celebrate our independence.  With perfect weather, family and friends all about, we were asked to perform a short concert preceding the fireworks display at the #1 rated university baseball stadium in the country.  Our set was fun and everybody seemed to have a great time.  Afterward, we ventured into the stadium to watch the firework extravaganza.  Photos below.


photos by Stephen Boudreaux
photos by Melissa Boudreaux


July 1st--The Kitchen Pass--Joplin, Missouri--We figured it was going to be down right hot this evening, but the weather was perfect.  A lot of friendly faces and a really good crowd overall.