March-April, 2001

April 26th--Phi Delta Theta Viking Party--University of Arkansas at Fayetteville--Oreo Blue would like to thank the fine young men of Phi Delta Theta for having us perform at their annual Viking Party.  A good time was had by all. While being fond of creative outfits, Oreo Blue enjoys making private parties even more memorable for its attendees by putting the "infectious groove" it its theme.  Thanks also to the folks in attendance for the assistance in load-in and load-out.  I actually would never have imagined the Rock-N-Roll Suburban scaling the hill like it did.  Kudos to Captain Crowne for alleviating what could have been the crappiest load-in of all time. 


Special Insert--On-Line--Brown Eyed Girl has been one of our most requested songs for a long time now.  For some reason or another we never get a chance to actually learn the lyrics to the song even though the band knows the music quite well.  Iím guessing do to the frustration of hearing me continue to say we need to, or we are going to learn them a certain enthusiastic fan decided  she would help expedite the process one night.  I appreciate very much anyoneís help with things, even our music.  Yet still,  on this December night at Georgeís Majestic Lounge, Iím wondering could these lyrics written on a 4Ēx8Ē yellow piece of paper, front and back, help me?  The thought was sincere, I tried my best, but I still messed it up.  Thank goodness we were all enjoying a few libations and there to have a good time, because no one got to upset with me.  I have kept these lyrics with me every since then because they not only represent memories of a fun evening, but also of a very special fan who became a great friend.  If you were wondering, yes, she is a brown-eyed girl.

--Brian Crowne 4-24-01


April 20-21st--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, AR--There's no place like home, There's no place like home.  Well, oftentimes that can be deceiving, but not this weekend.  The City of Fayetteville was celebrating its Springfest activities and we were fortunate to see not only a lot of familiar faces, but many new ones as well.  Standing room only at George's doesn't get much better.  With the help of the incitement of a few rabid new fans (you know who you are), the crowd seemed to be having a great time and the band rose to the occasion and proceeded to open up a can-o-whopass.  Brian's sax solos on Heaven's Door, Messin' With The Kid, and All Along The Watchtower were absolutely monumental.  I believe that Gary bloodied a few noses with his solos on Hey Joe and Little Wing.  A highly underrated bass solo by Rod on Flip Flop Fly, nearly knocked me off my drum throne with some "way-back" triplets aptly placed.  All and all a really memorable show.  Thanks to Ben Harrison and the crew for righting the ship there at George's (we really like your new sound gear...especially that drum monitor.  I think that I have a damaged kidney on my left side and a ruptured spleen from it!). 


April 20th--Online--from one of our favorite venues, Parsons, Kansas, our good friends John and Sandy Blair send us a nice note with the attached photo below of John's fancy artwork.  It is folks like them that keep the fires burning in our music to endure the long road trips and the super-fun hauling of band equipment (see entry January 6th).  Thanks John and Sandy and we will see you on June 1st.  


Insert--April 14th--Rooster's Blues Club--Ft. Smith, AR--For any of you who have followed the band in Ft. Smith for the last eight years you know this has been one of our favorites.  Almost a home away from home and I have to say that Chuck and his wife Robin are definitely on the right track to restoring the club to itsí former glory.  After working out a few sound gremlins we had a tremendous night with lots of familiar faces in the crowd that we love to see.  I donít know when we are returning yet, but keep an eye out and in the meantime please support this venue which has done so much to bring the highest quality live music to Ft. Smith.  Chuck tells me they are returning to their Blues Roots on the weekends and weíll be looking forward to another rocking night soon.

--Brian Crowne


Insert--April 13th--Fakouri's Bar--Pine Bluff, AR-- So weíre heading for Pine Bluff to play the infamous Fakouriís Bar and we didnít think the Friday the 13th jinx would get us, whatever.  Actually for those of you who have traveled Interstate 40 between Ft. Smith and Little Rock for the past 20 years you know that everyday is jinxed with our amazing highway department perpetually tearing up the highway.  After a short hour-and-a-half pit stop outside of Conway for the boys in the orange vests we were rocking and rolling all the way to PB.  Nothing like showing up 30 minutes before show time with people sitting in the audience getting witness the behind the scenes look at the glamorous world of show business.  All this aside we were very excited to return to Fakouriís and appreciate Jay having us back down.  We would also like to thank Mike and all the others who made the trek from Hot Springs to join us that evening.  You guys made it fun as usual.

--Brian Crowne


Special Insert--April 12th--Fayetteville--Oreo Blue would like to welcome their good friend Amanda Adams back from a semester of college in England.  We will be looking forward to her sitting in and singing a few tunes with us in the near future.  Also, look for former
singer and Soul Queen, Chris Payton to be joining us at George's April 20 &21 in Fayetteville AR.  Speaking of George's we would like to say how excited we are that our old friend and long time owner of George's, Ben Harrison took back over operations of the bar last month.  We are once again looking forward to performing in one of our favorite venues in the whole country!

Also, I would like to thank my good friend Day for joining us in Joplin at The Bypass last Saturday April 9th.  It has been a favorite haunt of ours for a long time and it was cool to share a show with her somewhere other than Fayetteville.  She is a true fan of music and her enjoying and following the group is much appreciated.

--Brian Crowne--April 12 


April 9th--On-line--Cyberspace--Once again, as a result of very enthusiastic reviews from members, Look At Me, from Oreo Blue's first release, Earned the Right, will be the Featured Track of the Day on April 14th, 2001 (PST).  The song will be feature on the Blues front page for 24 hours.  That page can be found here:

April 14, 2001

Look At Me

April 7th--The ByPass--Joplin, MO--Well, I must admit that bodies were aching after the Friday show.  That didn't stop Gary from exercising every gremlin from his equipment by the time the show was over.  If there were demons in his gear, they were gone by the time he was finished stomping, bouncing, rolling, kicking, and slinging his "axe" at them.  And if he didn't get those demons by nights' end, they are most certainly now hard-of-hearing.  We were joined again by our great friend and, by far, the best female (not "chick") vocalist on either side of the Mississippi, Chris Payton.  Those of you who missed sharing in our great fortune to have Chris join us on stage should be ashamed of yourselves first.  Then, you can just start kicking your own behind until she graces us again with her unparalleled talent in the not-soon-enough future.  Thanks, Chris and Tommy for coming out to the show.

April 6--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, KS--It was a long lay-off for the band this winter and it was not a moment too soon to grease the skids and put the band back into full afterburner.   The last few shows have been in the "acoustic format" where, although the sincerity of delivery never is in question, the physical and emotional exertion of a full-on electric show cannot be matched.  The rush of adrenaline can propel good music into a great sensory experience.  In the past, the wonderful folks in Parsons have borne the brunt of Oreo Blue's pent-up frustrations of a few weeks off from performance.  Ultimately, Oreo Blue performs beyond their means in times such as this taking advantage of spontaneity, creative sparks, and the aforementioned adrenaline.  Thanks once again to the folks in Parsons for supporting Oreo Blue.  We don't usually stay in town long so we don't have a pulse on what else there is to do in Parsons, but we certainly appreciate you packing the house each time we come around.  Look for us to be in your town on June 1st at the Kitchen Pass and again on August 9th for the Street Dance. 


April 6th--On-line--Cyberspace--Attached is a photo of the Oreo Blue song, Earned the Right as featured on website as Track of the Day.  Click on it for the full version.

March 30th--Maxine's Tap Room--Fayetteville, AR--Our good friend, Travis Kidd, was kind enough to front three-fourths of Oreo Blue at Maxine's this weekend in Gary's absence.  Gary has been racking up the knowledge at Westark College in Ft. Smith and is performing with the Big Band this weekend.  Travis Kidd is a top-notch professional performer with skills in many genres of music including country, rock, blues, and swing.  A talented guitarist and an inimitable vocalist, Travis' original songs are of such quality that if any of the folks at Billboard were given a chance to listen, they could not refuse inclusion.  You can find out much more about Travis at his web-site,  Thanks, Travis.

Oh, by the way, I found this link on Travis' web-site of Maxine's legendary prelude to last call..."Drink up..."

As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, Prescription for the Blues and Earned the Right will each be Track of the Day at  For 24 hours on April 2 and April 6, 2001(PST) Prescription for the Blues and Earned the Right will be featured on's Blues front page. The address for this page will be:


April 2, 2001

Prescription for the Blues

April 6, 2001

 Earned the Right


March 2nd--Maxine's Tap Room--Fayetteville, Arkansas--In what may be the smallest club west of the Mississippi, Oreo Blue dished out an acoustic set that was large enough to fill the largest concert hall in the nation.  The light crowd couldn't escape the musical attacks coming from each player.  The wall opposite the stage being a mere 20 feet away forced the rush of acoustic electricity down the corridor club and back again.  Award-winning bassist, Rod Williamson milked every watt from his undersized cabinet to drive that small club like a nuclear submarine while Gary and Brian sparked fires in the galley unnerving the captivated inhabitants.       

The Results Are In!  Oreo Blue garners Best Blues Band at NAMA 2001!  Rod Williamson wins Best Bass Player! Great Job Team! 

The Nominees

...and the Winner is...

Congratulations to all of the entertainers and support folks who were winners at NAMA.  Northwest Arkansas is truly a quality musical Mecca and the people are the reason why.

March 1st--Northwest Arkansas Music Awards--Fayetteville, AR--Brought to you by the Fayetteville Free Weekly, the NAMA 2001 is a celebration of the entertainment community in the Fayetteville area rewarding those musicians, sound engineers, and the like for their outstanding musicianship and contributions.  Oreo Blue is proud to announce that Gary, Rod, and Brian were nominated as best performers in their instrument category!  Oreo Blue also earned nominations for Best Blues Band and Album of the Year!  Way to go team!  I'll hit the woodshed and maybe join you guys next year.  In the mean time, we look forward to celebrating at Maxines for a rockin' acoustic show tomorrow night!

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