May - July, 2000

July 27th--Gully Park, Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Well, we completed the third and final leg of our Concert in the Park Series (or the Gazebo Tour 2000 as it has affectionately become known) at the Gully Park in Fayetteville.  Estimates place the crowd at around 1500 or so on a beautiful July evening.  The show went well as we always enjoy performing for folks who don't like the stuffy, smoky nightclub scene.  Most importantly, we get to perform for kids of all ages (like my own).  There is little satisfaction greater than watching a child learn to get a groove on for the first time.  That quirky, jerky kid dance can bring a smile to any face.  Thanks to Alan and J.T. for the sound and to the Smoothie King guy for the treats and to the Eureka Pizza guy for, well...the pizza.  Check out the Photos pages for pictures of the show.  

Some guitar players just get another pick when they drop one...

July 21-22nd--Rooster's, Ft. Smith, Arkansas--In what used to be the premier Oreo Blue venue, Rooster's has undergone many changes over the last two years...some positive and some negative.  The latest change seems to be a positive one.  They have moved the stage to the rear of the club on what used to be the balcony which gives the bands tons more room than ever before.  This along with a dedicated sound engineer in Roger and a quality house sound system, it is only a matter of time before Rooster's returns to prominence. The folks in Ft. Smith have always supported the Blues.  In order to attract quality blues bands, you have to have quality blues venues.  Rooster's seems to be back on the right track.

Do you like my shirt?  I do...

Gary and Brian lockin' up on a groove

Rockin' Rod Dean Williamson holding it all together

July 13th--Siloam Springs Concert in the Park-- It was a beautiful evening in Western Arkansas for a nice show from the gazebo on Sager Creek in Siloam Springs.  We had a very polite crowd with the usual requests of classics and Oreo Blue originals.  Thanks to Teresa and Joe for the hospitality, the pizza, and the hand towels.  We hope to see you next year...

Gary reaching down into his soul for the right tone

July 7-8--Kansas City, MO--Joplin, MO--A while back, I read an article in Modern Drummer that tried to explain that the detrimental eating habits of road warrior musicians could lead to poor health later in life.  The article was quite convincing, but I, and the rest of the band always seem to fall victim to the allure of wonderful cuisine at venues where we perform.  Take Kansas City for example.  BB's Lawnside BBQ is a building full of character (and characters I might add).  If there is a place in the world that could be a photo-history museum for the blues, it would be this place with every mug on the wall from Robert Johnson to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  And then there is that food...I was still full from Oklahoma City and now I was forced to eat all that BBQ.  Then we drive down to Joplin's By Pass and once again, the guys forced me to eat the Chicken 'n Friends dinner.  If you are in Joplin, you HAVE to go to the By Pass and have some food.  My very first show with Oreo Blue was at this place and that day was also my first taste of the Chicken 'n Friends.  I know this entry is getting long and you have to get back to work or play, but the Chicken 'n Friends is a scrumptious grilled chicken sandwich topped with baked ham, cheddar cheese and a zesty BBQ sauce served with a loaded baked potato and you are set. am I supposed to resist this food?  (I will try and talk about music next time)

July 6th--Home--What a wonderful time we had in Oklahoma City.  We met some wonderful people and certainly enjoyed a fantastic fireworks show or two.  And the food...ughhh!!! (I am still full)  Visiting the Murrah Federal Building Memorial was certainly more touching in person than I would have imagined.  Brian and I would like to thank Martin for showing and shuttling us around.  We have already been receiving e-mail from some new fans about the show.  Here is one response:

"Well, my husband and I made it to the festivities on the evening of the 4th and thoroughly enjoyed the Oreo Blue band.  Thank you so much for playing Bobby McGee and Knockin on Heavens Door.  It was grand.   You know you really should let Gary play his guitar now and then. Ha!  He was awesome beyond awesome.  You could see it in his face what a good time he was having.  The whole band was fantastic.  You could tell the audience liked the music just by the tapping of the feet and the smiles on the faces.  Well, I won’t keep you—just wanted to say thanks for those 2 tunes and keep up the good work.  Oreo Blue deserves everything good that may come your way.  Take Care!" --Robin Wilmot, Oklahoma City, OK

July 4th--Oklahoma City, OK--Oreo Blue wishes everyone a happy and safe Independence Day.  We will be taking the stage at Bricktown this evening and will be looking forward to a fantastic fireworks show and great music (and hopefully a ceremonial hot dog with lots of mustard) in this Patriotic city that has been so touched by tragedy.  For those of you whom have not seen the Murrah Federal Building Memorial, stop by and pay a visit, say a few prayers and try to remember why we live in this land of freedom and recognize that freedom isn't free.  Freedom must be protected by our talented military and police forces so that we can enjoy a night out watching our favorite blues bands uninhibited.  

July 3rd--Oreo Blue family member, Chris Payton sent me this photo below...there are MANY captions that can be attached to this, but I would rather maintain my dignity and reference this photo by saying that, "If man's best friend is a dog, then in return, Bo can have no better friend than Gary."  

Best Friends

June 24th--West Plains Blues Festival--Missouri. For the first annual festival here, it was a nice showing for some generous blues fans. (Save for the beer vendor) Sharing the stage with Sun Studios legend, Billy Lee Riley, Blues great Gerry Moss, and local favorite, the Uncivil Servants, Oreo Blue defied the tremendous heat to put on a rocking performance that drew rave reviews. Kudos to the promoters on their first try at a blues festival and we hope that next year is bigger and better (and with air conditioning!)

The Boys at Cajuns

June 22nd--In the beginning, Oreo Blue was fortunate to include a uniquely talented performer in Billy Rigsby. Billy's stylistic and smooth vocal was instantly recognizable and always projected the emotion behind each song. His guitar work is reminiscent of some of the R&B greats of the past that propelled many a dancing shoe. You can hear a bit of Billy on the track, What You Think About Me from the 1996 Oreo Blue release, Live By Demand. Oreo Blue considers each of its members, past and present a valuable member of a creative family and strives to maintain personal and musical relationships without regard to distances (Billy resides in Florida). Oreo Blue would like to congratulate Billy on his successes with his musical career and new CD, Neo-Soul. For more information on Billy and to listen to a few samples of his music, you can find him at

June 9-10--Cajuns Wharf-Little Rock--Oreo Blue was celebrating the Cajun drummers birthday this weekend as the band played the aptly named Cajun's for the first time since its reopening under that name. We met some great folks at Cajuns and hopefully made a few new fans. The food was more than excellent (Brian paid...thanks, Brian) and we were pleased to have Hollywood starlet, Joey Lauren Adams (Big Daddy, Chasing Amy, and a Cool Dry Place) in attendance and stay for the how. She seemed to enjoy the show a great deal as we played a cover from her favorite artist, Elvis Presley. Below is a photo of Ms. Adams and a photo of the boys in the band with the starlet, trusty road manager, Ben Harrison and a new fan.

Joey Lauren Adams (Oreo Blue Fan)

June 2-3, 2000--HOME BASE--No matter where you go, it's nice to come home. That is essentially how we feel when we play for you at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville. For those of you who haven't been in a while, the garden is equipped with a pull-over roof to keep out the rain and the occasional parachutist. Fortunately we had nice weather for the shows this weekend. Always a nice treat for Oreo Blue to have our friend Chris Payton stop by and remind us of what we miss about her great voice.

The Inimitable Chris Payton

May 28, 2000--Riverfest Weekend. Oreo Blue performed on the Southwestern Bell main stage at Riverfest in Little Rock, Arkansas with Jon Butcher and .38 Special. Oreo Blue took a short breather in the air-conditioned bungalow and then hiked up the hill to perform for the VIP after party hosted by Forza Marketing.

May 26-27, 2000--It seems hat every time Oreo Blue performs in Hot Springs lately, it rains and this weekend was no exception. One of our favorite venues (not for the vertical load-in) is the Ohio Club in Historic Downtown Hot Springs. No matter what the weather, the Ohio Club starts rockin' when Oreo Blue hits the stage. It has been noted on a large poster in the club that Oreo Blue puts out enough energy equivalent to energies measured by the Richter Scale...and when that happens, the staff begins dancing on the bar.

May 11, 2000--The new CD's here, The new CD's here!--Tonight was the official first release day for the new CD, Prescription for the Blues. The new CD was recorded at Fat Rabbit Studios in March with a new configuration for Oreo Blue--4-Piece. The new CD features a fun mix of new blues, swing and funk With 9 new Oreo Blue original songs and two classic favorite covers by B.B. King and Big Joe Turner...

A couple at Cajuns in Little Rock gettin' funky with Oreo Blue


Nathan Ray Boudreaux (at age 1) is gearing up to take Dad's place...

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