October-November, 2000

November 25th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--Once again, Oreo Blue was flabbergasted at the turnout on a post-holiday weekend.  Even following shows by the renown Cate Brothers, and Leon Russell the night prior, it was a nice gesture by the wonderful folks in Joplin to have saved their energy and enthusiasm for Oreo Blue on Saturday.  I lost count of the standing ovations in the first set alone.  Oreo Blue rolled out some new material this weekend to keep the shows fresh.  Thanks again to the musically knowledgeable ByPass crowd for the warm reception to new Oreo Blue tunes.  Look for them on an upcoming Live CD in the near future...and by the way...if you haven't gotten in line to reserve your ticket for the New Year's Eve Bash at the ByPass, you might want to think about it now.  Tickets go on sale December 6th (?) and will more than likely (according to verbal commitments) sell out quickly.  You DO NOT want to miss this show.  Oreo Blue is pulling out all of the stops for this show.  I think some things are going to happen that might be talked about for years to come, but I will maintain my silence unless I get overwhelmed with feedback e-mails...If you really want to know, I need to hear from you and MAYBE I will give you a hint.  Otherwise, we will see you at the show...and bring your flak jackets, 3D glasses, lighters, raincoats, and photographic equipment...

November 24th--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, Kansas--Many fine accolades have surfaced from the band about the folks in Parsons and I was readily prepared to dish out much of the same this entry.  However, this being a holiday weekend, we sure did not expect the turn out and response that we received.  Oreo Blue is a band of realistic expectations, but it seemed pretty unreal that on a holiday weekend, we had a turn out as large as any from our Parsons visits.  Kudos once again to such fine folks.  (did I mention "Chicken and Friends?")

November 18th--Home--Oreo Blue wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will be taking this week off to be with our families.  Tune in next week for a report from The Kitchen Pass/ByPass shows...you won't want to miss it!


November 10-11th--Two Frogs Grill--Ardmore, Oklahoma--It dawned on me as I began this entry that we had not performed in Ardmore since this newsletter was started.  Therefore, I have the literary freedom to carry on a bit about this weekend. (this may be the longest entry yet)  First of all, let me say thank you on behalf of the band to proprietors, Aubry and Angela Harris and the people of Ardmore, OK for their unbridled hospitality and appreciative attention.  Now...let's get on with the gloating.  For those of you following this newsletter week in and week out, the culinary reports that pepper (no pun intended) each entry are merely our way of showing appreciation for the fine foods we are privileged to eat at the fine establishments where we perform.  At Two Frogs Grill, the menu is inundated with fine dishes ranging from the State of Oklahoma's best baby back ribs to succulent grilled swordfish and from chicken fried chicken that melts in your mouth (how do they do that?) to a traditional apple dumpling drowned in a vanilla cream sauce that...well...rules!  The food at Two Frogs is well worth the drive from anywhere.  On to the show...

Since Oreo Blue only is privileged to perform in Ardmore on occasion, the band attempted to pull out all of the stops for the highly partisan crowd.  The wonderful folks in Ardmore seemed to hang on every note and boogied the night away with as much energy as a throng of 5-year olds stuck indoors on a rainy day. (I didn't steal that from Dennis Miller...) I know that I was personally exhausted at the end of this weekend.  Oreo Blue is not known for leaving anything on the stage, but this weekend I believe that we borrowed from some future shows to reach the energetic heights and physical plateaus reached these nights.  My favorite part of the show was regionally renown guitarist, Gary Lee Hutchison, and his love-hate, tender-violent, romantic-masochist relations with Leo Fender's fine stringed electric instruments.  I do believe I got chills and I do believe I was not alone...This time, I think Gary might have set something free.  


October 29th--Benefit for George Hughen, Ft. Smith--Just a brief note about a dear friend of the musical community in Western Arkansas, George Hughen.  George, best known for his membership in bands such as Razorback and Gray Ghost, and for being part of the dynamic duo at Fat Rabbit Recording Studio in Van Buren with sidekick, Tom Ware, has recently been diagnosed with MS.  This benefit was nice gesture by the community to help raise funds for equipment and facilities for George in his fight against this awful and debilitating disease.  


October 28th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--The ByPass and Kitchen Pass are owned and operated by brothers and it is apparent that the hospitality is genetic...and there must have been some relations between the folks in Missouri and the folks in Kansas.  These Midwest blues crowds are among the best in the country, no doubt.  Thanks to all the folks in Joplin for a great show.  On the drive home Saturday night, the buzz in the band was that this show was among our favorites with regard to performance and sound and crowd interaction.  When you guys get busy on the dance floor, the band can shift into overdrive without a hitch...keep on groovin!  Don't forget our date New Year's Eve!  It will be a whopper of a show...get ready and book your seat now!


October 27th--The Kitchen Pass, Parsons, Kansas--In a triumphant return of Gary Hutchison, Oreo Blue was proud to perform an exhausting show for the folks in Parsons.  It never ceases to amaze us how appreciative the audience in Parsons can be in spite of their small stature and in spite of the recent quirky public address quality.  Oftentimes, regional bands spend many hours performing in clubs where crowds have many agendas:  drinking, finding a date, seeing a band, dancing, drinking, losing a date, drinking, etc.  In Parsons, Oreo Blue gets the royal appreciation treatment.  Nearly everyone in the house has come to see the band and nearly everyone stays the duration getting into every note and groove.  Crowds such as these are welcome medicine for Oreo Blue whose last trip to Parsons was forgettable at times.  Thanks, Parsons.  See you Nov. 24th...   


October 21st--The Arlington Vintage Guitar Show, Arlington, TX--This was an opportunity for Gary to showcase his talents before crowds of guitar players young and old.  I must say that Gary is a bright-shining star in this universe over-populated with guitar players.  The band took the stage along side legendary guitarists and performers, Tommy Allsup and Redd Volkaert and was treated with meeting Bob Wills, Jr.  

Redd Volkaert and Tommy Allsup


October 20th--Race For the Cure, Texarkana, TX--Oreo Blue was honored to have been asked to perform by the folks putting together this benefit for finding a cure for breast cancer.  This hits home hard for the author and one hopes that these fine events can someday see the fruits of their labor.  Special guests at the event included Linda Gray, best known for her role as Sue Ellen in the legendary TV phenomenon Dallas, who is a spokesperson for the event.  Only the brief rain and a bit of mal-audience participation training put a mild damper on events.

Ms Gray

October 13-14th--George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR--Home base.  A beautiful weekend in Fayetteville gave setting to an always enjoyable performance for the hometown crowds.  If I have not mentioned it before, have you all eaten at the AQ Chicken house?  When Oreo Blue performs at George's, there is a ceremonial supper between happy hour at 7:00 and the evening show at 9:30.  This is a time for the band to visit and catch up on the week's events since there is not a long ride in the Rock N Roll Suburban for visiting.  But just as important...AQ Chicken.  Mmmm, I guess we here in Northwest Arkansas take it for granted, but it is the best Chicken on Earth...just ask Bill Clinton.  If you go there between 7 and 10 on a Friday when Oreo Blue is in town, you'll see us there lickin' our fingers.


October 6-7th--The Ohio Club, Hot Springs, AR--Although this show took the band a bit by surprise, it was a grand time had by all celebrating the Hot Springs Blues Festival and Bike Rally.  And speaking of the Bike Rally, the Oreo Blue show at the horizontally challenged Ohio was host to some new Oreo Blue fans darning leather.  The band certainly appreciated the warm reception by the folks from the Bike Rally and is thankful for their refrain from Steppenwolf requests.    


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