March-April, 2005


April 30th--Neosho Town Square Benefit for Children's Miracle Network--Neosho, Missouri--Another bike rally...Oreo Blue is your band for bike rallys.  This was another great benefit for the CMN and it was the first year for this event.  The organizers should be proud of the massive turnout for the event on the historic town square in Neosho.  It was a beautiful day in contrast to last night.  Perfectly blue sky and a great crowd.

April 29th--Vietnam Veterans Bike Rally--Madill, Oklahoma--It is always our pleasure to entertain some of our country's great patriots.  But, let me tell you that Madill, OK is somewhere just beyond nowhere.  AND it was, like 35 degrees and windy out tonight.  AND we were playing outside.  We were scheduled to play from 8-12, but had to stop around 11 because it was really way too cold to perform.  Nice folks and generally a good time, but man, was it cold.

Beautiful Baum Stadium photos by Madison Boudreaux

April 23rd--Springfest @ George's Majestic--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Springfest generally brings out many of those folks who don't normally frequent our shows.  Today was no different.  The weather was fantastic, but it seemed like the traditional Springfest activities were a bust.  I had taken my daughter to the Arkansas Razorback Baseball game versus LSU earlier in the day and it was great.  The game was a sell-out and the largest crowd in SEC history for a regular-season game.  Too bad the Hogs lost the game, but it was a nice time.  There was also a national track invitational in town as well as some other stuff, so Springfest probably was a victim of "too many things for folks to do on a nice day in April."  Back to the show...  Things started off a little shaky, but it turned hot real quick as the show progressed.  There was a gaggle of K-State guys there who were a lot of fun.  They were probably in town for the track meet.  We had them calling the Hogs by night's end.


April 22nd--Two Frogs Grill--Ardmore, OK--This was a Gary Trio gig, but Rod couldn't make it, so we hired a fella out of Dallas named Jay who was a killer bass player originally from New Orleans.  This guy never missed a note and both laid down the groove and launched some killer solos.  We hope to run into him again sooner before later.  The drive home was brutal to make the ball game (see above), but the food rocks at Two Frogs which makes it worth the while and having Jay on bass made it a special treat.


April 16th--RazorFest III @ Razorback Stadium for Champions for Kids--Fayetteville, Arkansas--It's hard to believe that folks like Rick and Adelaide Schaffer really exist.  They are so unbelievably nice and kind that it almost makes you sick.  Anyway, when we were first asked to perform for RazorFest, there is always some hesitation when giving our services over to charity and knowing that nothing may come in return or that you get treated like a servant.  Rick and Adelaide treated us like kings (er...Rock Stars) from day one until long after the event was over.  With so much going on that day from the University of Arkansas Red-White Scrimmage game to the 7-on-7 Alumni Game, to the Kid Zone, etc., it would have been easy for Oreo Blue to be lost in the shuffle.  However, we were given prime time coverage during the pre-game warm ups, changeover, and between each 7-on-7 game.  Oreo Blue was rocking the stadium for all the kids and revelers from about 11am to 5pm.  We were featured in a multi-camera shoot on the Pig Screen (Razorback Stadium's Video board which was the largest in the world when built--see pictures) every time we performed.  It was a real hoot.  Adelaide hooked us up with matching professional-grade football jerseys to wear on stage that were afforded otherwise only to celebrity alumni.  Both Rick and Adelaide went WAY out of their way to make sure we were taken care of and for that, we are appreciative.  Given VIP passes to the event allowed us and our families to rub elbows with both the big spenders and celebrities such as football great Herschel Walker who was in town for the event.  In all, the day was perfect.  The weather was sunny and about 75 all day.  There were estimated to be about 15,000 people there.  We have already been asked (and accepted) to perform for next year's event.  How cool...


April 15th--The Kitchen Pass--Joplin, Missouri--We always have a good show at the KP.  Can't deny that.  However, we think the KP has lost some of its luster.  Maybe it was the crowd...maybe it was the fact that we had an early show the next day.  Maybe it is because places like George's have us so darned spoiled that other venues that treat us like numbers just don't do it for us anymore.  Don't get me wrong, some of the folks there rule.  Shannon hooks us up for sure and the folks are always nice.  The stage is plenty big, the room always sounds good, and the food is great. I just am not getting that vibe from there since we recorded Ten Down.  Maybe I am just grumpy.  I'll shut up now....


April 9th--Dallas International Guitar Show @ Market Hall--Dallas, Texas--We were upgraded to the Budweiser Stage this year, but things are still out back.  No sweat...we had a strong set and pulled the guitar lick-hungry show attendees out of the big building and onto the back porch.  Gary was slewing 'em and had them wondering "who the heck is this guy?"  This year's show included Drum World (more like a small moon) which was nice for me.  If you recall a few years ago in this newsletter, I was rather aghast  from all the guitars around at the first show we were invited to.  We got to see Buddy Miles and Tommy Shannon play with Lance Lopez.  That was sort of cool.  On Friday night, Rod, Brian, and I found ourselves eating in a "peculiar" restaurant after a run-in with an idiot woman driver.  Details off line if needed.


April 6th--Georges Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Every first Wednesday of the month, Gary, Rod, and I host a Blues Jam at Georges.  Folks can come into the club and put their name on a list under the instrument that they play and sit in with the host band or other players.  This can be both good and bad, but the hope is that up-and-coming players can gain valuable experience performing with quality musicians and in front of (modest) crowds.  I would encourage those interested to make it out to these jams as they may not last forever.  The clubs generally lose money on the night, but Georges Majestic Lounge is offering this service as a benefit to the music community in NWA at least for now.  Ever wanted to play with Oreo Blue?  This is your chance... see you next month.


Michael Allen sitting in

Larissa Stone sitting in

April 2nd--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, Kansas--Normally, we would make the double dip to Parsons and Joplin hitting both KPs, but this time, it was just a one-off in Kansas.  So that meant we would drive back after the show.  The food at the KP is excellent, so that generally makes the trip worth while.  More so, this marked a first time in a while when the band actually got to play a normal show with all four members present.  All of the "sneak previews" and Trifecta gigs have left us a little empty.  Brian, having taken some time off with the new baby, was also ready to let loose musically.  We always seem to rock pretty hard in Parsons and tonight was no different.  I sometimes think, though, that we could probably give another 20% if that place had a little ventilation...

photo by LD Churchill

March 14th--RazorFest Sneak Preview--Rogers, Arkansas--Adelaide Schaeffer has unbounded energy.  She is spearheading this massive event for Champions for Kids along with her husband, former SID at Arkansas, Rick Schaeffer.  On April 16th at Razorback Stadium, 30 thousand people will fill the place to watch former Razorback greats play 7on7 football to benefit children who have been abused or neglected.  It's a great cause and looks to be, by tonight's preview, a great time for a great cause.  Tonight, we played just a few songs to "tease" the VIP group with what will be the entertainment for the day on the 16th of April.  Oreo Blue will rock Razorback Stadium


photo by LD Churchill


March 12th--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, Arkansas--I was a little late getting to the club after performing for the Mashburn concert and when I arrived at about 10:20, the band was already going with Keith Hollingshead sitting in on the drums.  Thanks, Keith, for bailing me out.  Once I jumped up, we kicked it in on all cylinders and the vehicle was burning hot all night.  Both 90 minute sets were blistering.  Out back, a band from Springfield was performing--Speakeasy.  They are of the jam band variety, but were really cookin'.  Brian hopped up with them for a couple of songs and did his best Maceo Parker impersonation.  A couple of the guys came inside later to jam with us.  Marcus Chatman (Speakeasy's renaissance man) played harp, and Shawn Eckles jammed on guitar.  These guys are real pros so keep your ears open for them.


March 9th--Home--Congratulations to Brian and Day Crowne on the birth of their new baby boy, Payton David Crowne.  He was born on February 25th and weighed in at a svelte 5lbs 4oz and measuring 19in ("ding").  Sure to be a go-getter, get-er-done guy like his pappa, and able to sing all the oldies by age 3 like his momma.



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