March-April, 2007


April 25th--OMBA Gala--Tulsa, OK--We have worked for Amy Bates before and she is always spot-on and professional.  This time around, she brought us to Tulsa for the Oklahoma Mortgage Brokers Association annual gala...  Wow.  What could we possibly do to liven up that party?  Well...we had a little help.  Amy also hired a very good comedian that was impersonating Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.  This guy could have been Mike Myers for all we could tell.  Nice guy, too.  We had him jump up on stage and sing a few oldies with us like Soul Man, Twist and Shout, and the like.  He also did some of his own renditions of songs to backing tracks such as Snoop Dogg's Mind on My Money, but with the lyrics changed to say, "I got my mind on my mortgage and my mortgage on my mind."  He also did a hilarious version of Prince's Pussy Control.  He kept the crowd in stitches and he kept us from that daunting task of bringing life to that particular party.  Amy even took the stage to sing a Linda Ronstadt classic...


April 24th--Home--Getting caught up again on the newsletter...

Let's see what I missed! 

~4th Private Party Clarion Inn (CEI) Bentonville, AR--The folks with CEI are so very generous to keep inviting us to their functions.  This was a stockholder's party and it took them a little while to get unwound, but it was great nonetheless.
~6th Friday Night Live! @ the 2720 Club  Hot Springs, AR--This was our first return to the 2720 Club in a year to the month.  The 2720 is a dance club and most likely best suited for a DJ, but we had some folks roll out to see us and from their feedback, were thrilled with our performance. 

~7th Landry's Fort Smith, AR--It always seems that we work extraordinarily hard at the smallest venues.  Landry's has killer food.  I think I have mentioned that before, but as you know...we are connoisseurs of fine cuisine.  Landry's has also been pulling in some other fine entertainers as well, so go check them out!
~12th Jose's Streetside CANCELED WEATHER Fayetteville, AR--Bummer...who knew it would be 33 degrees and raining on April 12th?
~13th Roosters on Garrison, Fort Smith, AR-- I had mentioned before that Oreo Blue had made a somewhat triumphant return to what used to be the home base venue in the River Valley.  This night...Friday, the 13th would come to show that Oreo Blue was back at Roosters.  It was a more attentive crowd and great fun.  A nationally recognized rock band had just finished their set down the road at a concert hall and came in to Roosters for a drink and to hear some local live music.  We think they were impressed...snapping photos of us with their cell phones and clamoring for more.  We gave them a copy of our DVD and when one guy said, "We can watch this on the tour bus tomorrow!"  Another one said, "Hell...I'm watching it tonight!"  (It was 2am...)  That was nice.  I'm pretty sure it was these guys: ~

~13th RazorFest Wheaties Night of Champions@ Fayetteville Town Center (Oreo Blue Jazz Trio) Fayetteville, AR--Adelaide and Rick Schaeffer are so giving.  They are massively positive people in such a gloomy world.  This night kicked off the Razorfest weekend at the University of Arkansas.  We did the jazz lounge set and it was cool...but then it was off to Roosters for the late night zombie set.
~14th RazorFest @ University of Arkansas Main Stage Fayetteville, was cold and wet, but that didn't dampen our spirits.  As mentioned before, Razorfest is an event that benefits Champions for area support organization that supports various children's charities.  The festival is anchored by the University of Arkansas spring football scrimmage, but there is so much more to do for kids and families.  Part of the festivities includes live music on a large concert stage.  Oreo Blue was the inaugural band for the event a couple of years ago.  This year, we started the event off.  Some other bands that performed were Thanks for Nothing, Full House, Ultra Suede, and Nic & Sam.  Despite the weather, we had a great time for a great cause. 
~20th Ava's Pub Fort Smith, AR--Once again, here we go working harder the smaller the venue gets.  There is something about performing our music in a small room with people right up on us.  Even though Ava's is one of the last bastions of smoke-filled-clubs, it has a great vibe to it and the folks that come to see us are always awesome.

~21st Private Fundraiser Party for St. James Day School Texarkana, TX--As you know, I generally steer clear of chatting about our private functions, but in this particular case, I thought it deserved mention.  I must admit that I know very little about the St. James Day School, but the folks putting on this fundraiser were tremendous.  They had such a passion for making sure there was financial support for their cause as well as making sure all the folks had a great time.   Gay Moss was a real sweetheart and made sure we were taken care of from the very start.  Even calling off the revelers from compelling us to play until the wee hours knowing that we had a 5-hour drive ahead of us.

So...there you have it.  The month so far. 


March 31--In Studio--Fayetteville, Arkansas--We started our new recording project last night and finished rhythm tracking today.  It was a long 14 hours or so and we still have a lot of work left to do.  I am excited about the finished product. Dan Robinson is proving to be a high-quality sound engineer as suspected and he is great to work with.  The atmosphere in his studio is superb and tracking is coming along smooth.  Couldn't have asked for a better environment. We should have something for release sometime in the first week of May or so.  Finding time to get tracks laid is tough, but we will get it done.  Below are some photos of the weekend tracking.



March 5th--RazorFest Draft Party--Church @ Pinnacle Hills--Rogers, Arkansas--Oreo Blue was the inaugural band for the Champions for Kids (  showcase event, RazorFest, two years ago.  Unfortunately, we missed last year's event, but we are back!  Back to help Adelaide and Rick Schaeffer raise awareness for children in our area that are less fortunate.  Tonight, we performed for the Draft Party where some of the University of Arkansas' most famous athletes in Razorback history were drafted onto teams that will play in a flag football exhibition on April 14th at Razorback Stadium.  Each of the teams is sponsored by a non-profit charity organization.  The event it April will be bigger than ever.  It is a massive community event for ALL children and families.  We performed a couple of songs between speakers and dancers.  A great young act also performed tonight.  Twin 14-year-old girls, Nic and Sam, from Russellville put on a great show.  By the sounds of it, they might rocket into the national spotlight in a few years if not sooner.  Great people...


March 3rd--Rooster's on Garrison--Fort Smith, Arkansas-- It's hard to believe that it is March already.  Spring is here so quickly, but I think we are all ready to leave this cold weather behind.  I will say that it was one of the most spectacular drives down the mountain I have had in some time.  Off to the East, overlooking the Boston Mountains, the sky was a dark electric blue.  There was a golden yellow crescent moon just above the horizon.  As I peeked over a second time, I noticed the crescent moon had turned to a half.  Then, moments later, it was at 3/4.  I was watching a lunar eclipse unfold against that beautiful backdrop.  If I had only had my camera...        

 It was about 18 degrees loading in and out of Roosters tonight. But I think we had a successful return to what used to be sort of a home base in the early days of Oreo Blue.  Roosters was where the band recorded its Live By Demand double CD and video.  Some of the folks that were at the show tonight chatted with us about those early days and how they remembered the great performances by the band way back when.  The clientele might be a little different now and the hours are a little stranger going until 3am.  However, it was a good show and a good time.  Thanks to all of our loyal fans for braving the elements and the hours to join us in this triumphant return.  Playing til 3am is a bear, but it was a beautiful morning despite the cold.

Having such a late start time allowed us to go across the street to Gary's new guitar store ( and rehearse some new songs for our upcoming studio session.  Things are coming along with the new material and I am as excited as ever to get back to recording.  It has been a while (2003) since we have put things to tape.  Look for something new from the band in early May...


Photos by Peter Read