May-June, 2003


June 28th--Chastain Wedding--Stuttgart, Arkansas--Stuttgart is famous for many things...primarily duck hunting and rice.  But there are also beautiful people there and tons of mosquitoes.  This string of performing for all the wonderful folks who hail from southeast Arkansas has been more than grand.  Their hospitality is always worth the drive. time, we are bringin' the deep woods Off.


June 21st--Gearheads--Neosho, Missouri--Of course, the folks in Neosho are just cool.  Performing at Gearheads is much like performing in our own living room.  It is intimate and they serve great food that one might chow on the couch in front of the TV.  With that said, we perform some of our finest work in front of these folks.  The are so darned appreciative that we often feel compelled not only to give them our finest, but also to keep our show fresh and delivered with full-frontal assaults.  If you are in Neosho, go have a beer and a burger at Gearheads.  Tell them we sent ya...


June 20th--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Tonight was our Fayetteville DVD release party and no doubt the folks that showed up were chomping at the bit to get their copy and be grooved into submission.  Undeterred by the conspicuous sparseness, the band packaged sharply hewn chunks of sound and launched them directly into the blues-hungry listeners' ears.  The look of amazement on the faces of many OB virgins quelled any guilt on our part that we might be playing a little too rough for them.  Those that missed out should wish they were there...

photo Steve Biehn

June 15th--Party on the Patio @ Powerhouse Seafood --Fayetteville, Arkansas--Gary and Rod could not make the show tonight, so the Amanda Adams Band filled in admirably under perfect weather conditions.  We apologize to our fans who expected Oreo Blue, but please come visit us at George's Majestic this Friday, June 20th for our DVD Release Party.

photo John Blair

June 13th--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--Friday the 13th often conjures up thoughts of poor luck and ill-fated mishaps.  And at the ByPass, the transition from indoor stage to outdoor stage is usually slow at Summer's nigh.  This year was quite different.  The folks in Joplin busted out for our DVD release party and the band played hard to reiterate our commitment to work hard for every crowd.  The food still rocks at the Kitchen Passes in all locations.  Cajun Chicken, The Sub, The Chili, Steaks, and my personal fave...Chicken & Friends.  The song is coming.  I just have to keep sampling the grub until I get it right.


June 12th--Concert in the Park--Siloam Springs, Arkansas--Siloam Springs is a quaint little town with really nice folks.  It is a great atmosphere for a family-style concert outdoors in a park.  The last time we performed here, we played in a gazebo.  This year, they moved the venue to a pavilion further down town near the creek.  John Anderson provided a great sound system as always and proves with his kind demeanor why he is a favorite sound engineer among musicians.  Oreo Blue would like to thank the City of Siloam Springs for having us and for the nice folks that helped us enjoy a beautiful day.


June 8th--Sunfest--Bartlesville, Oklahoma--An absolutely fabulous day.  Clear skies, sun, about 70, a great stage, a great sound-system, really cool production guys, and some great music and camaraderie.  Wes joined us again today with his soulful blues guitar and powerful tone.  Performing without Gary always makes us nervous, but Wes is attentive and masterful at his blues chops.  John Blair (our authorized Midwest photographer) made the trip from Chanute, KS, to snap the colorful photos below.  My brother and his family also made the trip up from Broken Arrow because little Ray "loves Sunfest!"  DJ Darwin, from Parsons, KS also came out (We think he really digs the band). Thanks to Richard and the crew for a good show.  Next time, we'll bring the families to enjoy the day at Sunfest.  Bartlesville puts on a great little festival.  

photo John Blair

June 7th--Kansas Blues Festival--The Roadhouse--Wichita, Kansas--We had fans drive nearly 200 miles to see the band tonight at the Kansas Blues Festival.  That's dedication.  And, boy, do we appreciate that more than they know.  To all of our fans, you can trust that no matter how far and wide you travel, we will perform EVERY night to our fullest just for you (and in some cases, a little food and gas money:).  Gary had family duties (our families do come first) this weekend, so we invited Wes Jeans to travel with us.  Wes is a phenomenal player and an all around great guy.  He brought his buddy, Jimmy to help roadie, too.  Wes fit in nicely for our Jimi Hendrix Tribute sets as, I think, he and Gary were cut from the same bizarre guitar phenomenon mold.  Also along for the ride was our "road manager", Ben Harrison, and our other "road manager/guitar tech/funny guy", Bryan Martin.  Seven guys in the Rock and Roll Suburban II and it was loads of fun.  We were scheduled to perform on the big stage that was nicely built, but due to the cool weather, we moved inside  he Roadhouse and rocked the night away.  Thanks to Holly and Chris for jeopardizing their early church plans to come see Uncle Stephen.

photo John Blair

June 6th--Numeier's Rib Room--Ft. Smith, Arkansas--The food at the Rib Room absolutely rules.  Sometimes, it actually may overshadow a show...but not this time.  Our DVD release party here this night welcomed an enormous crowd of itching fans.  Alan had the PA booming over the capacity crowd on a beautiful night in the garden.  We rocked the folks in the first set with our Hendrix Tribute and then slid into our party set with special guests, Wes Jeans from Marshall (Jimi's middle name), Texas, TJ Scarlett, Amanda Adams, and that cool guy who does an AC/DC cover like nobody's business.  What a great night.  Thanks to all those who rolled out tonight (the Yazetti's and friends, EW, John and Jennifer, and so many more), and to Bill for such a cool sign of hope for the Fort that live music is alive and well. for that surreal barbeque.  

photo John Blair

May 31st--Eureka Springs Blues Festival--Eureka Live--Eureka Springs, Arkansas--The afternoon show in Neosho was just a warm-up for one of the hottest nights on record for Oreo Blue.  Performing at Eureka Live is always a blast (save for the load-in), but things were rocking particularly hard tonight.  Gina had the liquid encouragement flowing like a river from behind the bar and the band unleashed a tidal-wave from the stage.  No doubt new fans were made this night.  Some old fans were present as well and agreed that the band was hitting on all cylinders.  All I know is that I am sore and voiceless after Saturday night.  The food at the BBQ shack outside Eureka Live was actually excellent.  So if you are in Eureka, I can think of no other place to hang.

photo Phillip Swearingin

May 31st--Neosho Powersports Open House--Neosho, MO--For the second year in a row, the fine folks at Neosho Powersports have invited us to entertain the celebrants at their annual open house.  Logistically placing motorbikes and four-wheelers to create a stage for the band, serving up hot-dogs, door-prizes, and the fine sounds of Oreo Blue make up the day.  If you are looking for a cool motorbike, a fancy helmet, waterbike, or off-road bike, check these guys out in Neosho.


May 26th--Home--Some reactions are already coming in regarding the show at Riverfest.  Here is what the promoter was saying:

"I thought that the show was extremely well done.  In the true spirit of a tribute, your love of the music shined through without any semblance of attempting an actual recreation, like the Elvis-impersonator syndrome. Gary was fantastic -I love his solo instrumental- [Brian's] interplay was dead-on, Rod was exactly in the groove, but Stephen (it is Stephen, right?) was driving the m-f'in bus. It's a testament to a badass band when two front guys are tearing it up and I can't stop listening to the drummer's right foot. Holy s***, he was the right foot of God on that sound system, and I ain't blowin' wind up yer skirt!"--Tim Jones

photo Phillip Swearingin

May 25th--Riverfest Main Stage--Little Rock, Arkansas--The last time the band performed at Riverfest, we opened up for .38 Special.  It was fun, but there were a litany of hiccups that day along with rain as is the norm on Riverfest weekend.  This time, we opened for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts performing our Oreo Blue Experience set in tribute to Jimi Hendrix.  But our performance was injected with such energy and intensity that no sort of equipment problems or acts of nature could deny us of a powerful performance.  Fortunately, the sound crew was spot on and the weather was perfect.  The crowd swelled to about 8,000 by guestimate and all were engulfed in Gary's theatrics, Brian's fire, Rod's groove, and my bombasts.  The pit in front of the stage may as well have been watching the original Experience as they screamed mercilessly and begged for any sort of Oreo Blue memorabilia we could spare.  Keep your eyes on the Tourdates for upcoming showings of the Oreo Blue Experience.  The show grows stronger with every performance.  And...get your full-length DVD/CD of the original concert.  It is fantastic and a must for any Jimi Hendrix or Oreo Blue fan.  Check out the the Discography page for ordering information.


photo John Blair

May 17th--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, Kansas--Highly anticipated and always appreciated is this venue in Kansas.  We had not been here since New Years' Eve and we were looking forward to a triumphant return.  In addition, this was the day of our first DVD Release Party for the Oreo Blue Experience Project.  Unfortunately, due to both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, the DVDs did not arrive.  No matter.  We gave them our best anyway.  We will be back soon enough packin' product because I would never miss an opportunity to gorge myself on the awesome Chicken & Friends Dinner... 

photo John Blair

May 10th--Pleasant Grove High School Prom--Texarkana, Texas--Wow, three years in a row for these great kids!  We are very proud to have been invited back to entertain the students for their big night.  Each year we have been blown away by the energy and class of these kids.  They are just so much fun, and have such a good time that it's infectious.  I don't know about other High Schools, but I think Pleasant Grove could be the poster people for how to put on a first class dance.  The decorations are always amazing and this year was no exception with a very cool New Orleans theme.  They nailed it spot-on.  Hopefully we'll see you guys at one of our college concerts this fall.  Thanks again and good luck.--Brian Crowne


May 9th--Player's Billiards--Texarkana, Arkansas--Finally our first club concert in Texarkana and it was cool.  We were excited to be contacted by the good folks at Player's about performing a concert for em'.  The entire staff were most gracious and the crowd was strong and attentive.  There is always apprehension involved when you play somewhere for the first time.  This quickly dissolved into a "Kick *** time" that was had by all.  We will very much look forward to seeing those folks again on July 18th, so make plans now to join us!--Brian Crowne

photo Kevin Hall

May 5th--Jose's Streetside--Fayetteville, Arkansas-- Jose's Streetside is always a blast and this was no exception.  Thanks to Neal and Crew for having the band out for the Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Thanks to our good friends Amanda Adams sitting in along with TJ Scarlett and David Snell. Watch for Amanda's new band debuting in a few weeks.  The new band lineup will include yours truly along with Oreo Blue drummer Stephen Boudreaux.--Brian Crowne

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