May-June, 2004


June 17th--Mena, AR--I would be amiss if we did not send out a warm thank you to Lee and Mary Jo for inviting us to be a part of their celebration in Mena.  Thanks, too, to the Yazzetti's for their gracious hospitality and to that killer ( really could kill you if you have an appetite like mine...) spaghetti and home-made meatballs.  Sorry I am behind in my letter writing, but you guys really are awesome.  Brian must have married "up" for sure!


June 16th--Where in the Heck Have I Been???--Home--O.K., I admit that I have been a little busy lately and have neglected the newsletter since...over a month.  A lot has happened so let's get to it:    

On May 14th, we played at the Bordertown Bash with the Cate Brothers which as you have heard we enjoy tremendously.  On the 15th, Gary, Rod, and I played as the Gary Hutchison Trio at Gearheads and had a blast.  We have to put our creative muscles to the test without Brian around.  But it always turns out to be a fun time.  

Then on the 28th and 29th of May, the Arklahoma Rock, Blues, and Soul Revue hit Fayetteville and Joplin with Oreo Blue, The Cate Brothers, and the Nace Brothers in tow..  Man...what a show!!!  I certainly hope this trend of the three of us bands getting together continues.  It is musical nirvana right here in God's country.  Great musicians, great friends, great music...just a great time for us and for music lovers.  

On June 4th, we headlined the Bartlesville Sunfest.  My nephew Ray loves Sunfest!  It is a nice little festival nestled right there in north east Oklahoma where they produce beautiful women (my mother, wife, and sister-in-law).  Our set started a little late, but it was a great show.  

After a short sleep in a crowded hotel room, we made the long trip over to Lake of the Ozarks, MO for the notorious Testicle Festival with the great Nace Brothers.  Man...what a great band to enjoy.  And nice fellas, too.  I am not so sure about the whole Testicle thing, but the show was great as we got to jam together again.  If you have a pulse at all, you could never get sick of hanging and jamming with great bands like the Cates and Naces.  We feel very fortunate to share the stage with them.

Next up the next day after the drive to Kansas was the Old Fort Days Festival in Fort Scott.  It was warm this day and we performed three sets alternating with a Dixieland Band from KC.  We started at 11am on a the crowd was sparse.  However, we had fun and it was a nice drive back home for some well-deserved rest after three states in three days.

Last weekend-the 12th of June-we performed at a wedding reception in Texarkana.  Most excitingly, though, the UA Razorback Baseball team fought their way into the College World Series by whopping Florida State.  Go Hogs!!!.  I promise to have the newsletter back on track.  If you have comments...sign our guestbook...I dare ya!


photo by Rick Weldon


May 8th--Pleasant Grove High Prom--Texarkana, Texas--Four years in a row.  Who'dathunkit?  Here we are, thirty-somethings and a 51-year-old playing to high-schoolers on their prom night with sets of classic rock, rock and roll, funk, and blues...and they love it!  The whole bunch of them were "moshing" to our medley of Play that Funky Music.  What a great bunch of young folks.  They obviously have great taste in music and are a special breed as they choose live music over the staleness of a DJ.  Who knows...maybe a fifth year?  We would love to do it again.  The drive is worth it.  We know that the PGHS graduates will be successful in their future endeavors.  You can see it in their eyes.

photo by Rick Weldon

May 7th--Rough and Ready Days--Monticello, Arkansas--Admittedly, last year there was some tension at the Rough and Ready Days with the rains and the questionable backline, but this year, the Monticellans rolled out the red carpet.  The stage was excellent even if still on a flatbed and John Anderson's Barking Dog Productions provided the killer sound system.  We shared the stage this year with Sun Studios Legend, Sonny Burgess and his Legendary Pacers.  A very cool band fronted by one of the fathers of rockabilly.   Last year, we ate and ran, but this year we had a chance to take in some local cuisine at the Piggy Sue's Restaurant.  If you read this newsletter regularly, you know we know great food.  Piggy Sue's offered up some fantastic food which tipped our scales...getting a 4-star rating.  


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