May-June, 2006


June, 2006--Home--Fayetteville, AR--Lots of happenings in June 06.  To start things off, we performed a co-headline slot at Sunfest in Bartlesville, OK with Monte Montgomery who was named one of the top 50 guitarists ever. 


photos by John Lindsey

After the show and a brief nap, we headed up to Fort Scott, Kansas for the Good Ole Days festival.  We had another alternating set with a magician this year.  It was hot but the folks are quite nice up there and it makes it worth our while.  On the 9th (my birthday) we performed a headline set for Featherfest in Springdale on Emma street.  It was equally as hot this day as we performed directly into the sunlight.  On the 16th, we were invited to perform for a party honoring two pioneers of space and aviation.  The first private space launch and the first un-refueled around-the-world flight.  Early the next morning, we took a trip up to the Kansas City area to perform as an opener for the Parkville Jazz, Blues, and Fine Arts Festival.  The scheduled headliner, Sonny Landreth, never made it into town, so Oreo Blue (being the givers that we are) played both the opening set as well as the headliner set.  It was a blast and I think we made some new fans that night.  Organizer, Mario DelCastillo, was a gracious host and we had a great time at this historic riverfront setting on the banks of a bend in the river where Lewis & Clark passed.

A photo from the Platte County Citizen from the Parkville Fest

Jose's Streetside was up next on the 20th of June.  It's always a sweatfest under the awning at Jose's, but the food is ruling and the folks are always great.  Tonight, we had a few special groups out: and the folks from Hershey's Chocolate Company.  Some of my buddies from Hogville got down right loopy so it's probably good that I took no photos from that night.  Finally, on the 23rd of June, we opened up for 80's Canadian rockers, Loverboy at the AMP.  Loverboy was one of my favorites back in the day and they still rock today.  We had a good opening set and won over a few new fans.  Check out the photos page 50 for all the Loverboy show pics.

photo by Melissa Boudreaux

On to July!


May 2006 --Home--Fayetteville, AR--Good grief!  I just got plum busy in the month of May and just realized that I have not updated the guestbook.  If you have read this whole thing (one day I will count up the entries) you will know that this happens every now and again.  Most of the time, it is the late Spring, early Summer.  Baseball gets swinging into full gear with coaching Little League and ramping up the adult league ( 

Stephen's 13-yr old son, Nathan, pitching in his first game

The Spring concerts are piling up and the Summer concerts are coming up soon, too.  Springfest this year in Fayetteville was a gully-washer.  The rains were much needed in Northwest Arkansas after such a long dry spell, but it did put a damper on the festivities. 

We performed in Fort Smith at the Riverfront Amphitheater for the Fort Smith Parks Free Concert Series.  We were preceded in show by the Cherokee Youth Brass Band.  That was interesting.  It was hot and humid, but our show went well. 

Gary has been burning up the solo and duo circuit in our region and you can find him at locations listed on our tourdates calendar in the blackened sections. (full Oreo Blue shows are in yellow).  You can also catch the Gary Hutchison Trifecta (Gary, Rod, Stephen....Oreo Blue sans Brian) on the road this summer. 

As the weather has turned warm, Day (Brian) and Melissa (Stephen) are tearing up some landscaping projects.  All that I know is that I get to go to Lowe's and fill up my truck full of stuff so she can make the yard look pretty.  Good times.

Gary and Brian took a vacation to Chicago and New York to see Buddy Guy and Les Paul, respectively.  They had a great time and came back with great stories about the superb musicianship and showmanship of the 92-year-old inventor and electric guitar creator, Les Paul, who still performs a few nights a week in a NYC nightclub.

While the boys were gone, I was fortunate to be able to host a drum clinic here in Fayetteville at George's Majestic Lounge.  If you have seen my personal page here at, you will note that Gregg Bissonette is listed as one of my favorite and influential drummers.  With the help of Sigler Music Center, George's, Mapex Drums, and Zildjian Cymbals, Gregg came to town and put on a fabulous clinic for about 140 drummers.  I had the honor of MCing the event and getting to chat with Gregg who is a fabulous and generous person let alone one of the top 10 drummers in the world today.  Below are a few pics.  I promise to keep up from now on.  (at least for a while) 


May 12--Home--Fayetteville, AR--

BRIAN IS 40!!!!!  Man, he's getting old.  Brian's wife, Day, threw him a surprise party on Friday.  It was a good one.  Cate Brothers showed up, Gary and I performed with Tommy Payton on bass.  All the friends and family were there.  It was awesome.  This is what Brian thinks of getting older:  "I'm T.T.A.M.F."



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