November-December, 2006


November 30th--Home--Updates--Well, once again, I have been slacking on getting the newsletter updated.  No excuses.  Had a nice Thanksgiving holiday despite the Razorbacks losing to LSU on the day after.  We made our annual pilgrimage to Parsons, KS, and Joplin, MO,  to play the Kitchen Passes which is always a great time.  It still amazes that folks will venture out to see us in droves over a holiday weekend that is traditionally celebrated at home on the sofa in front of the television or with family.  The Parsons show was sold out again this year.  Great crowd.  Surprisingly, not a dancing crowd.  Most preferred to sit back and enjoy the music this year.  We did get them filling the dance floor by night's end.  In Joplin, it was also a non-dancing sort of crowd.  I suppose the triptophan was taking its toll on some.  We had a strong crowd and kept them entertained all night.  During this weekend, we generally stay overnight in Parsons and then spend the day in Joplin prior to soundcheck that night.  This is always a good time to hit the music stores or take in a movie.  This Saturday, we did both.  Unfortunately, the movie might be considered the worst movie of all time.  I had hoped to see the new Bond film, but we didn't have time for a three hour movie.  I chose, instead, the movie, Tenacious D:  The Pick of Destiny.  I wondered if Jack Black was trying to promote his movie by making it the worst movie ever.  I mean, if it's the "worst" that means it will get mentioned, right?  Of the 30 folks in the theater at the time, 15 had left after the first 10 minutes.  Having paid $6 for a ticket and twice that for soda and candy, I wasn't going to quit.  It was supposed to be a musician's movie in the same vein as Wayne's World, or Spinal Tap.  But no...  it was just crap.  Anyway, it was at least a chance to relax and sit for a couple of hours.

Back on the 16th, we performed at Landry's in the form of the Gary Hutchison Jazz Trio.  This is a new sort of venture and it turned out to be tons of fun.  As a musician, it sometimes is a pleasant change of pace to bring the dynamics down and play what is generally referred to as "musician's music."  Maybe we will see some more of that in the future.

December has some exciting shows coming up.  The Nightflying Anniversary party will be on the 5th at George's Majestic in Fayetteville.  Gary's new music store in Fort Smith will be having its grand opening on the 2nd.  Don't miss a beat!



November 11th--Hogville Tailgate Party (Tennessee vs Arkansas)...the Mother Of All Tailgates (MOAT)--Fayetteville, AR--It started with the USC game at the first of the year and was a great success, but only in its infancy.  This concert will no doubt be bigger and better.  I have enlisted Darren Ray (Big Bad Bubba, Big Uns, etc) to open the show and Hunkr Down to go on before us.  The Oreo Blue Trio will go on at appx 3:30pm and play to about 5:30pm prior to the 6:00pm kickoff.  We will have professional comedians Chad Hayes and Daryl Schneider performing between sets and DJ Shanon spinning your favorite dance tunes starting at 10:30am.  The concert is free and will be located in the University of Arkansas Gardens area south of Razorback Stadium where Carleson Terrace used to be.  Our stage will be in the south end of the Gardens facing north by lot 56.   There is a photo essay from the USC concert located here-----------> 


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