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Gary Hutchison

Widely known as "The Guitar Monster", Gary Hutchison has been the epitome of a LEAD guitar player.  He is one of only a very small handful of guitarists that can captivate an audience for entire solos, songs and sets on the instrument.  His work on Oreo Blue's tribute to Jimi Hendrix (The Oreo Blue Experience, 2003) was globally recognized and garnered "#1 Hendrix Tribute" in the world that year by Voodoo Child Magazine.


Stephen Boudreaux

Best known in the region as a solid, journeyman-type drummer, Stephen Boudreaux has spent years working to diversify his playing to be authentic in as many genres and styles possible.  He was the recipient of the coveted Porky Hill Memorial Drummer of the Year in 2005 and was inducted into the Drummers of Arkansas Hall of Fame in 2020.  Also bringing lead and background vocals to the band, he has come to earn accolades in that department as well. 

Rick Endel

Educated to be a Music Educator, Rick Endel has an ear for all-things music.  But not in a stereotypical band director sort of way, but rather as a hip, grooving keyboard player that would otherwise be born from years of experience in jazz, blues, fusion, R&B, country and rock.  His ability to navigate to any note on the chord spectrum allows him to add much-needed third part harmonies as well. 


John Seaberg

Among the legends and the lore, there is often something in between. That's where John Seaberg's story lives. Best known for his bass playing prowess accompanying legendary guitarist, Steve Gaines, in the seminal band, Crawdad, John Seaberg is a statuesque bassman who can navigate the instrument with the best of them. Seaberg can be heard on both official and bootleg recordings accompanying Gaines where...if the bass was as popularly alluring as the guitar...Seaberg might have ultimately been the more famous of the two. Of course Steve Gaines went onto his own fame with Lynyrd Skynyrd making him likely the most famous Northeast Oklahoma native aside from Mickey Mantle.

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